Destiny 2 Ophidian Aspect: How To Get, Stats, and Overview

Destiny 2

There are numerous exotics throughout Destiny 2, and some of them were even initially seen in the first Destiny. One of these is the Ophidian Aspect, a pair of exotic gauntlets. These gauntlets are not the best you can find in the game, but they can round out a particular Guardian build and make a difference in a fight. We’re going to cover the basics of this gauntlets, and for anyone looking to add this collection to their collection, how to acquire it.

Ophidian Aspect

What Are They?

The Ophidian Aspect is a pair of exotic gauntlets, though you can only wear them if you have a Warlock Guardian. So if you’re a different class, you may want to look up a new item to include in your build.

Based on your light level when you acquire the Ophidian Aspect in a drop, you can receive a defense bonus of 10 to 330. You’re always going to have the Mobility Enhancement Mod and the Plasteel reinforcement Mod, which increases your mobility and increases your resilience, respectfully. Your melee range is also extended thanks to the Cobra Totemic Exotic enhancement.

What Rolls Can You Get On It?

There are several different legendary armor perks you can receive on this item, but none of them is a guarantee. They are as follows:

  • Any of the Weapon Loader perks (Auto Rifle, Bow, Fusion Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Hand Cannon, Linear Fusion Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Scout Rifle, Shotgun, Sidearm, Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Kinetic Weapon, Energy Weapon, Power Weapon, Light Arms, Large Weapons, and Rifle; this includes their enhanced counterparts)
  • Fastball
  • Impact Induction (and the Enhanced version)
  • Momentum Transfer (and the Enhanced version)
  • Scavenger perks (Fusion Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Linear Fusion Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Sword, and Machine Gun)
  • Special Ammo Finder
  • Heavy Ammo Finder

Where Can You Get It?

There are three ways to acquire this exotic armor piece. The simplest way is to obtain it from an exotic engram drop. It’s a random roll, so you’ll have to get lucky, and you might find the pair you’re looking to build around your Guardian. The second way you can get it is by looting it through the Luminous Engram, which you acquire from the weekly Milestones.

The final way to acquire the Ophidian Aspect is from Xur, and hoping he has them available on his marketplace. If you see them for sale over the weekend, depending on your Light level, they might give you a good boost of Light power and aid you in battle.


As of right now, it’s a solid exotic to have to help stabilize your gun’s recoil and quick reload speed. There are other choices, but for Warlocks who enjoy using their weapons in a fight, this item will serve you well for a long time, until you go after the Gambit Prime armor currently in rotation.

It’s never a bad thing to have this item ready for use in your storage, too.