How To Complete New Crota’s End Deathsinger’s Challenge – Destiny Age of Triumph

Destiny New Snap 4

If you’re a Destiny player, you know that Crota’s End has been updated with a new Deathsinger’s challenge. Reddit user Skarrow9 and his team have managed to complete it and provided a quick video to show all the other players how to do it as well. You can check the clip from their YouTube channel below.

Destiny: Age of Triumph

In the meantime, have a look at the steps you’re required in order to complete your task, as pointed out by Skarrow9 himself.

  • Step 1: Kill all enemies (yellow and red bars) in the arena BEFORE killing Ir Yut.
  • Step 2: Kill the two additional yellow bar knights and thrall that spawn in her room. It will say “Ir Yut shrieks in fear” to confirm that you did this correctly.
  • Step 3: Kill the 3 Yellow bar ogres and 6 yellow bar knights that spawn outside. (Have to kill the red bars too).
  • Step 4: Kill sword Bearer that spawns in middle door.
  • Step 5: Use it to kill Ir Yut.