Destiny 2 Race To World’s First – The Garden of Salvation Raid – Winners Confirmed

Destiny 2

A new Raid in Destiny 2 means a fresh Race to World’s First. The Garden of Salvation Raid from Shadowkeep has launched today, and people are already hard at work to take on its challenges, solve its puzzles, and fell the bosses that seek to stop them. We’ll be using this article to keep you all up to date on who is in the lead, so if you are trapped in work, or at a family event, just take a sneaky read every now and then to stay up to date.

Race To World’s First Live Update

16:31 PDT: Bungie has confirmed a World’s First completion!

Congratulations to the Guardians involved! It goes to show how hard it is to keep up with the hundreds and thousands of teams that were trying to finish the Raid first! If you would like to celebrate with ExBlack and the Ascend Clan, check out his stream.

16:26 PDT: Exciting! We will update if this is legitmate.

16:14 PDT: At this point different teams are just inching towards being able to stay alive long enough to get a kill on the boss. As time goes on rumors start to fly that this isn’t even the final encounter. If it is, this would be a pretty short Raid, more in line with Raid Lair standards. I think a lot of us are hoping for more, but the teams trying to get World’s First might not be.

15:00 PDT: To my tired eyes, GernarderJake and Phammy both seem to be the furthest into the fight at this point. To my tired eyes, they appear to have eaten the furthest into the bosses health bar at least.

14:05 PDT: More streamers enter the final stage, with Gigz and Ferdog now in the last stage. This boss fight seems to be eating people alive, and it now boils down to endurance over everything.

13:30 PDT: Ninjy and his team are in the last fight as well! It’s getting exciting now, whoever swings the best DPS phases is going to get it done! There could also be other teams out there who are on their heels.

13:15 PDT: It looks like Datto and crew are in the lead, as they appear to have been the first to get a DPS stage going in what appears to be the final boss. It’s hard to tell across so many streams though!

12:45 PDT: Ninjy and Datto are on to the fourth area!

12:15 PDT: Things are heating up with Gladd, Datto and Carolinagamer99 all have teams in the same area.

At the moment it appears that Gladd and his Fireteam are the furthest along, having made it past the first encounter and into a strange, garden maze like area after it. They are currently trying to find the way through to the next encounter.

What Is The Race To World’s First?

The Race to World’s First has become a tradition in the Destiny community. When the Raid launches, teams from all over the world try to take on the challenge and be the first to finish it. Many will stream their efforts, and Destiny focused streamers tend to do bumper numbers for one of Destiny’s biggest events.

Each time, the staff at Bungie like to have a viewing party at the head office, and tend to tweet out their thoughts on how things are going. They also officially announce a winner each time, so there can be no confusion if the event turns into a close run thing. Winners get serious bragging rights, and the ability to finally log off and eat some food while the other teams all compete to just be the first losers. It’s a harsh life, being a Guardian.

The Garden of Salvation Raid will start with a Power recommendation of 890, rising all the way to 920 for the final boss fight. It is safe to assume that anyone who is serious about trying to win will already be past those levels, to give themselves the best chance of being competitive.

The Raid will also have an active Contest Mode, making it impossible to exceed the Power level of any Encounter. So while you do want to start with the highest possible Power, it will only ever keep you level with the challenge, you won’t get ahead of the curve. This will last for the first 24 hours of the Raid.

With that, you yourself will either be getting ready to Raid today, or will be watching people try their best on Twitch, so enjoy the fun of Raid Day, Guardians!