Destiny 2 – How To Get The Randy’s Throwing Knife Crucible Ritual Weapon

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Undying is here, which means new weapons. Three major Vendors at the Tower have new Ritual Weapons that you can get if you prove your worth to them by completing some challenges. Shaxx is willing to give you Randy’s Throwing Knife if you show you have what it takes to shine in the Crucible.

Destiny 2 – How To Get The Randy’s Throwing Knife Crucible Ritual Weapon

Shaxx Location

To get the quest, visit Shaxx in the Tower. Interact with him and look under Pursuits, and you will see a quest called Reconnaissance By Fire. For this quest, you will need to do the following:

  • Final Blows with Scout Rifles in Crucible Matches
  • Earn 2100 Glory
  • Enemies defeated and medals

For the final blows, multi-kills grant the most progress, as you need to get the bar to 100 percent. I’d suggest something like the Mida Multi-Tool, a notoriously snappy Scout Rifle, although any Scout Rifle weapon will do the trick.

For the Glory Rank, you will need to be in the Competitive playlist. You are looking to reach the rank of Fabled, which honestly isn’t that bad, and even people like me can achieve it without any issues.

For enemies defeated and medals earned, all you can do is grind out matches until you get the bar to 100 percent. When all these steps wrap up, you can return to Shaxx and get your well deserved Ritual weapon.

So, now you know how to get your hands on Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2. Best of luck in those Crucible matches, Guardian.