Destiny 2 Warmind DLC – How To Find & Use Rasputin Armory Codes

Destiny 2

Rasputin Armory Code is an important item in Destiny 2 Warmind expansion. You will be getting this in between a mission or while playing public events. Mars is the new planet in Warmind and it will also reward you with some nice Shaders and Mars Token. You will encounter Rasputin Armory Code during your gameplay and in this guide, you can find how to use them to add some nice gear items to your character.

Warmind Rasputin Code Tips

How To Get Rasputin Armory Code

While playing through the main story missions or while participating in the Public Events, there are possible chances that you might come across Rasputin codes. There are more chances of earning them during a quest or an activity instead of just exploring Mars. So keep a close watch on the Public Events or Adventures on the map, you can spot them easily. Participate them and increase your chances of getting Rasputin Armory Code.

After having the code, you will have to locate a rare armory stash that is hidden by Rasputin around the map in Warmind. There are no exact locations for these stashes you might spot them while exploring or while playing different objectives in the game. These are more like hidden chest so predicting their exact locations is not easy.

One of these chests was located in the north section of Mars map near to Ana Bray and Warsat Down Public Event location. You will have to search on the left of the courtyard area that is located just outside Ana Bray’s hideout. The chest is buried inside the building that is taken over by Hive.

Rasputin Armor Stash Chest Rewards:

You can probably earn some rare items through the stash. If you are using Marks Token to redeem Cradle Engram from Ana Bray Then surely you can are getting some guaranteed items. But for Rasputin Armor stash things are random. You can get a rare weapon or armor items in the chest. So going for it is worth enough.

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