Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt – start date, end date, contents, Exotics, and more

The Hunt is on.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

The Season of the Hunt will be Destiny 2’s upcoming season, accompanying Beyond Light and providing Guardians everywhere with activities to complete for months after the release of the next expansion.

Bungie have released a full roadmap details all the contents that will be coming our way over the coming months.

Season of the Hunt start and end day

Season of the Hunt will being on November 10, with the release of Beyond Light. It will run until February 2021, but no exact end date is given at the moment.


As always, there will be a split in contents, between people who buy the upcoming Beyond Light expansion and those who stick with the free to play model.

Beyond Light Only

  • The Beyond Light Campaign
  • Stasis Unlocks (Titan Behemoth, Warlock Shadebinder, Hunter Revenant)
  • Salvation’s Grip Exotic
  • Grenade Launcher Quest

Free to all players

  • Europa
  • Cosmodrome
  • Seasonal Armor and Exotic Weapon
  • New Strike
  • New Lost Sectors
  • 100 Seasonal Ranks
  • Artifact Mods
  • Triumphs, Shaders, Emblems
  • Iron Banner
  • The Dawning

New Exotics

  • Hawkmoon
  • Cloudstrike
  • No Time to Explain
  • Duality
  • Salvation’s Grip
  • The Lament
  • Icefall Mantle
  • Mask of Bakris
  • Athyr’s Embrace
  • Dawn Chorus
  • Necrotic Grip
  • Precious Scars

Dates of new content

  • 11/10 – Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt launch
  • 11/10 – Seasonal Artifact and Reward Track unlocks
  • 11/10 – Empire Hunts begin
  • 11/10 – The Glassway Strike
  • 11/10 – 1/12 – Uncover Europa’s Secrets – seems to imply a slow rolling out of a season storyline with relevant content
  • 11/13 – Adept Weapons will be added to Trials of Osiris
  • 11/17 – Season mission begins
  • 11/17 – Wrathborn Hunt’s begin
  • 11/21 – The Deep Stone Crypt Raid begins
  • 12/8 – The first Iron Banner event
  • 12/15 – 1/5 – The Dawning event