How To Finish The Secret Spider Vision Triumph In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

For the last week or so, a mystery has caused much heartache for Destiny 2 players. What is the Festival of the Lost secret Triumph, and how do you complete it? We now know what you need to do to finish this secret Spider Vision Triumph. Festival Charm

The first thing to do for this secret Triumph is to go and visit Eva Levante in the Tower courtyard. You will need to purchase a Festival Charm from her for 100 Candy. The Festival Charm increases the number of Chocolate Strange Coins awarded to you for activity completions and the Haunted Forest.

Proceed into the Haunted Forest, and make sure you have the Festival Charm in your Inventory. After you load in, open your Inventory, go to the Consumables tab, and use the Festival Charm. After, play through the Haunted Forest, but make sure you do plenty of aiming down the sights as you kill things. After a while, the Triumph should just complete.

That’s it, nothing too tricky here. It would appear that most of the mystery stems from the fact that the Triumph was only added to the game this week. So, for the last few days, we have all just been chasing ghosts and rumors.

There is a little bit of conflicting information out there, but I can assure you this method works. I ran the Haunted Forest without the Festival Charm, and nothing happened, but I got the Triumph before even getting past the first plate with the Festival Charm active.

I have also noted that some players are reporting that the Triumph does complete, but nothing happens on their screen. In past celebrations, a spider would crawl down the screen while you were aiming down sights. I don’t know if this an intentional change or a bug, but you will see the Triumph gets completed following the usual message flashing across the bottom of the screen, letting you know you have finished the Spider Vision Triumph.