Destiny 2 – September Community Challenge On Mars

 Destiny 2 – September Community Challenge On Mars

The delay to the release of Shadowkeep means Bungie has come up with a way for us to occupy our time in Destiny 2. The September Community Challenge is sending us all to Mars in a warm-up battle against the Hive. The Community Challenge will see Destiny 2 players trying to rack up runs on Escalation Protocol, killing millions of Hive, and complete hundreds of thousands of Nightfalls.

Destiny 2 – September Community Challenge

Start: September 3, 10 AM PDT

End: September 10, 10 AM PDT

Community Objectives:

  • Defeat 175 thousand Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses
  • Defeat 300 million Hive on Mars
  • Mars Nightfalls
      • Defeat Nokris 150 thousand times
      • Defeat Xol 100 thousand times
  • Use 300 thousand Override Frequencies

As a reward, players will receive the unique Emblem shown above, as long as they have completed at least one Nightfall on Mars. Not only that, but successfully hitting all the targets will impress Calus, who will then make additional rewards available through the Menagerie. Starting when goals are met, players will be guaranteed two rewards when slotting their runes and opening the chest, and an additional reward will be added each Friday for the remainder of the Season.

So, while we are all waiting to zip off to the moon and deal with whatever terrors lie in wait there, it is time to find your Fireteams and get to work kicking the Hive off of Mars.