Here’s how to get the powerful Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2: Warmind


A very powerful weapon from Destiny 1 makes its return in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. The Sleeper Simulant is back.

Once you finish the Warmind campaign, head back to Ana Bray for a series of missions. The first will have Rasputin giving you an engram, and the second will have you decoding that engram to receive an IKELOS hand cannon. Get used to using this weapon, because it’s the key to unlocking the Sleeper Simulant.

Next, you will need to farm headshots with the hand cannon. You will need to kill about 300 Hive and 300 Cabal to move on to the next step, so farming Lost Sectors on Mars are a good method. Just repeat the Lost Sectors over and over again and get the headshots you need.

Once this step is finished, you will then need to kill elite and ultra enemies with the hand cannon. These are enemies with large orange or yellow health bars. You don’t need to finish off the enemies for it to count, so make sure to deal damage to the elites and you will get credit. Public Events are great for this. After about 50 kills, the next step will unlock.

Next you will need to finish five Heroic Strikes. This is the most difficult part of the quest, as Heroic Strikes have an increased difficulty. Make sure to keep the IKELOS hand cannon equipped and bang out the Strikes as best you can.

Now comes the hard part. You will need to hunt down fifteen Sleeper Nodes around the Mars map. After finishing most activities on Mars, you will receive a Resonate Stem. You must combine four Resonate Stems to unlock an Override Frequency. The name of each frequency will reveal the location of the Sleeper Node, so read them and head to that location and listen for nearby music. If you’re having trouble finding nodes, there are handy videos on YouTube showing each one’s location.

You’re not done yet. Even after fifteen overrides, you will need to clear three rounds of Escalation Protocol. The easiest way to do this is to clear three round ones. As always, make sure to have the hand cannon equipped, or they won’t count.

The final step, once you’ve finished every other part of the quest, is to run a 360 Power level version of the Will of Thousands Strike. Once you finish it and kill Xol, the Sleeper Simulant will be yours.