Destiny 2 | Imperial Treasure Map | Spine of Keres Location

Destiny 2 Raid Release

The weekly reset in Destiny 2 has brought with it more bounties for players to complete for Calus. As you finish the bounties, you receive loot and some Imperials, but you will also get an Imperial Treasure Map. The maps lead players to a chest where they receive a rune for your Chalice of Opulence. Along with even more Imperials. One of the locations you need to visit this week is the Spine of Keres, so in this guide, we show you exactly where to find the Treasure Chest.

Imperial Treasure Map | Spine of Keres Location

Spine of Keres Map

One of this week’s bounties requires you to kill some enemies from every faction in the game. When you finish wiping the floor with Skorn, Cabal, Vex, Fallen, Taken, and Hive, you need to hand in the bounty from your pursuits screen and get an Imperial Treasure Map. The treasure map sends you towards the Spine of Keres, in the Dreaming City.

Spawn in at the Mists and hop on your sparrow, then swing hard towards the Oracle Device that you use to commune with the Queen. Before you enter the building, hang a left and go up the stairs. Run along until you reach a large arch that crosses between two cliffs. You should be around the back of the Queen’s Palace, and there will be a courtyard below you. Drop down and head for the area you first arrived at when you first came to the Dreaming City.

Spines of Keres Treasure Chest Location

Keep heading back towards that first area, and you will come to the last platform that connects to the Dreaming City via an arch. You’re going to find the Treasure Chest behind a brush, close to the ledge, at the back of the stone platform area. That’s it! You should have gotten a Rune and some Imperials from the chest.