Destiny 2 How To Start Thorn Quest

Destiny 2

Bungie released a new quest for players to embark on in the Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter journey. By finishing the quest, players should have access to a Destiny favorite, the exotic hand cannon called Thorn. This hand cannon showed up in the first game, and it’s making its return in a big way. To start the quest, though, players need to go a little out of their way. Regardless, the rewards are worth it.

Acquiring The Thorn Quest

The quickest way to starting the quest line to lead you to your Thorn exotic is to locate a deserted campsite situated on Earth. You need to trek a great distance to find this campsite, so let’s start at the beginning.

You want to land south of the Trostland region and go north towards the salt mines. Cross through the first open area and make your way to the right, dodging all of the enemies you’re going to encounter along the way. Continue going, and you should enter a small, enclosed area with copper-like pipes above you. Go all the way to the other end until you locate a silver and orange object. It should have a small pedestal in front of it with a distinct blue glow in the middle. Approach it, and you’ll receive a button prompt, and you’re going to teleport to a new area.

After you have transported through, you’re going to find yourself in a lush, green area. Follow the path upward. You’ll likely encounter a handful of enemies who will continually fire at you, but you can freely ignore them. Continuing down this path should have this massively blue aura guarding the rest of the way. But you’re not cut off.

Turn to your left, and you’re going to see the end of a highway against the side of the cliff, but there’s also a little crevice you can slide through. Follow the path, jump up to the small cut-out rock face and jump through. You’ll find yourself in an abandoned camp with supplies scattered everywhere. Feel free to look around as much as you like. However, the real prize lies hidden in the campfire’s ashes. Go to the ashes, and you’ll receive a prompt. Hitting it should start the new Thorn quest, which you can complete whenever you’d like.

Following these steps should put you on the path to acquiring the Thorn. But like any exotic-reward quest in Destiny 2, you’re going to have quite a bit more grinding to go.