How to complete the Strength of Memory Challenge In Destiny 2

The Strength of Memory challenge occurs during the last battle in The Last Wish raid when you come face to face with Riven of a Thousand Voices. It is a clan bounty from Hawthorne, and as you might expect for a clan bounty, it requires a lot of teamwork and communication.

To get does done, everyone is going to need to be on the same page, so make sure your entire team knows what they need to do before you start the encounter, because if you mess it up you will need to wipe and start again.

Strength of Memory Challenge

In order to complete the Strength of Memory challenge, you obviously need to make it to the final fight of the Last Wish Raid. The main thing to keep in mind here is that, in order to achieve this challenge, Guardians cannot shoot the same Riven eye more than once. The second you do, you will fail the challenge. This means no matter what stage of the fight you are in, you must ensure that you do not shoot the same Riven eye if you have already shot that eye at any other stage during the fight.

In order to achieve this, players will need to be able to communicate openly and effectively. It will also be very important to ensure that very precise weapons are used, which should go without saying. Like most things, there are a number of ways that you can finish this challenge, the important thing will be staying patient while you try them out, and settle on the one that is best for your raid group.

The most basic, but potentially the most troublesome, way to do it is to simply have everyone remember the eyes they have been shooting. You can never quite be sure which eyes will be shot by any Guardian over the course of all the rooms, so this can make the final stage a real muddle. It’s not really one that we would suggest going with.

A Better Method

You can attempt an appeal to RNGesus, and attempt the mighty task of destroying Riven in the space of a single room. All the players will group on one side, and say a little prayer that Riven will appear on that side. Rocket Launchers with the Cluster Bomb perk are required, as these do the most damage to Riven when fired at the mouth. You will need one Warlock to run Well of Radiance and be equipped with Lunafaction Boots for the auto-reload, and subsequent DPS increase. You will also need a Sunbreaker Titan to apply the Hammer Strike debuff to get that extra damage. As a method it requires some luck, and a lot of specific equipment, but that is just to be expected for a difficult challenge at the end of a raid.

The reason we like this method is that is kind of ignores the challenge, you don’t need to remember which eyes you already shot, and it is actually less frustrating to have the Riven spawn in the wrong place a few times than it is to mess up the challenge after a hard fight. It is definitely the method I would suggest people go with. Even if you don’t have some of the equipment needed, and six Guardians should be able to pull it all together, it will normally only be a little bit of grinding to get the specific weapons or armor that you might be missing.

This challenge should be pretty doable via this method now that we are in Beyond Light, as the Power cap has increased so much that damage output in the Last Wish Raid shouldn’t be a factor anymore.