Destiny 2 – Test of Strength Iron Banner Quest Guide

Destiny 2

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2, and with it comes the Test of Strength quest. To begin this quest, you need to visit Lord Saladin in the Tower; he will have it available along with other Bounties that you can complete to get yourself Powerful Engrams. Iron Banner will run from June 18 to June 25, giving you one week to finish up the quest and get all the armor pieces.

Test of Strength | Iron Banner Quest

The Test of Strength is a quest your whole team works towards as a group in Iron Banner. You don’t need to be in a party with anyone, which is good news for lone wolves, but it does count the overall progress your entire team makes towards each goal. This mechanic is good news for people who are not the best gunslingers out there, as your team can carry you through if you play enough. The quest is broken up into different steps, each with a different objective.

  • As a team, earn points by defeating enemy Guardians in the Iron Banner.
  • As a team, earn points by capturing zones and earning Power Plays.
  • As a team, earn points by defeating Guardians in Iron Banner with Supers.
  • As a team, earn points by defeating enemies in Iron Banner by using Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Swords.
  • Earn points by completing Iron Banner matches. Win Streaks are worth more points.

After you complete each step, you can return to Lord Saladin and collect your prize. Your reward is a piece of the Iron Banner armor set for your class. Once you have all the steps completed, you will have a full armor set. You can track the progress in the Pursuits tab in the Directory; the goal is to get your progress bar for each step to 100%.

The armor pieces drop as a reward, making this a valuable exercise for anyone who has not yet hit the Power cap of 750. After you collect an armor piece for the first time, it goes to the random pool of loot from Iron Banner Packages. As such, if you are looking for a specific weapon roll, it is best to wait to get it before turning in the quest. Doing so keeps your loot pool smaller, increasing your chances of getting the roll and weapon you want.