Destiny 2 – The Dawning Recipes and How to Get Ingredients

Destiny 2

The annual Dawning event has come to the Tower in Destiny 2 and with it, a new activity for Guardians to pursue. Eva Levante has returned and is ready to spread some cheer. Guardians are given an oven and a vague description of ingredients and are told to experiment. What could go wrong when you mix Dark Ether Cane and Flash of Inspiration and try to give it to Commander Zavala?

All Dawning 2018 Recipes

Fortunately for Guardians, Reddit has come to the rescue and created this lovely infographic showcasing all the recipes and what ingredients are required to make them. In general, every recipe requires three ingredients, a primary, a secondary, and then some Essence of Dawning.

Destiny 2 - The Dawning Recipes and How to Get Ingredients
Dawning Recipes • /u/ScoobyDeezy • Fair Use

Most every one of the NPCs in Destiny 2 has a personal preference of gift, and you’ll be rewarded for baking every item and presenting it to them. The infographic also points out who to deliver each gift to.

How to Get Ingredients

Knowing the ingredients required for each recipe is one thing, but how do you get the ingredients? Once again, Reddit has come to the rescue and compiled a nice list of what activities and actions reward which ingredient. Keep in mind that, as with everything in Destiny 2, there is a certain factor of randomness applied, so you won’t always get an ingredient to drop right away.

Primary Ingredients (First Slot)

Primary ingredients are easily obtained by defeating certain types of enemies. You can probably guess which ones they are based on the names of the ingredients, but here is the full list:

  • Vex Milk is gathered by killing Vex
  • Ether Cane is gathered by killing Fallen
  • Cabal Oil is gathered by killing Cabal
  • Chitin Powder is gathered by killing Hive
  • Taken Butter is gathered by killing Taken
  • Dark Ether Cane is gathered by killing Scorn

Secondary Ingredient (Second Slot)

Secondary ingredients drop when performing certain actions. Here is a full list:

  • Delicious Explosion can drop from explosive kills
  • Sharp Flavor can drop when getting kills with swords
  • Impossible Heat can drop from solar kills
  • Electric Flavor can drop after arc kills
  • Null Taste can drop after void kills
  • Flash of Inspiration can drop when creating orbs of light. Use masterwork weapons to generate lots of these.
  • Personal Touch will drop after getting melee kills
  • Perfect Taste can drop after getting precision kills with any weapon or body shots from sniper rifles
  • Bullet Spray can drop after getting kills with automatic weapons. Just pray and spray and you’ll be drowning in these. Also works when aiming down sights.

Essence of Dawning

Think of the Essence of Dawning as the butter of these strange recipes. Every recipe requires a certain amount of it so you’ll always want to have some on hand. The following is a list of activities that reward Essence of Dawning and how much per activity.

  • Patrols: 1 – 3 each
  • Escalation Protocol: 3 each
  • Public Event: 5 each
  • Flashpoint Completion: 5
  • Heroic Adventure: 6 each
  • Heroic Blind Well: 10 each
  • Mayhem: 12 – 17 each
  • Heroic Strikes: 15 – 17 each
  • Gambit: 17 – 22 each
  • Nightfall: 23 each
  • Crucible: 15 – 22 each
  • Raids: Unclear, but certain to have some

Armed with all this baking knowledge, you should be able to bake each recipe at least once, complete some pursuits, and put a smile of many of the NPCs around Destiny 2. Does Zavala actually smile? You’ll have to find out for yourself. If you’re searching for more helpful Destiny 2 guides, please visit our Guide Hub.