Destiny 2 – The Pit Lost Sector Location

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Destiny 2

By definition, Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 should be challenging to find. Most of them are not that hard, but The Pit can undoubtedly be a little awkward to track down. In this guide, we will show you The Pit Lost Sector Location.

You may need to visit here for various quests and challenges while playing Destiny 2, and will be facing Cabal enemies inside it.

Destiny 2 – The Pit Lost Sector Location

The Pit is a Lost Sector on the EDZ. To get to it, spawn in at Winding Cover, then hop on your sparrow and set off up the coast towards Firebase Hades. To get to the pit, you want to drive under the ramp you usually use to get into the Firebase. About halfway down, there’s a hidden tunnel you see the entrance to in the wall. If you need some visual help, the video above will show you exactly how to get there.

Follow that new tunnel all the way along, and you will arrive at The Pit. If you have just started playing Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light edition, an excellent way to find Lost Sectors is by watching out for the marks that Hunters have left around the world. The stamp will be the same as the one shown on the map above, just above the cursor. These marks indicate that the opening to a Lost Sector is close by.

The Pit is full of Cabal enemies, and as always, will have a tough boss in there waiting for you. If you take them out and collect the Cache Code, you will be able to open the loot container that they are guarding and get yourself some sweet loot.