Destiny 2 – The Sundial Guide

Destiny 2

The Sundial is a new six-player activity in Destiny 2 in Season of Dawn. It’s your goal during these Sundial missions to help Osiris to stop the Cabal from changing the past, creating a universe where they won the Red War.

To first start playing, you need to find the Matter of Time quest. You begin this quest by visiting Ikora in the Tower. When you finish it, you can access The Sundial whenever you want to play it.

What Is The Sundial?

The Sundial plays like the Menagerie. The Sundial loads up different challenges that require you need to do. They all involve shooting at enemies, but have mechanics you will need to do while fighting. For example, in the Datamine challenge area, you need to capture points, and also kill Psions Commanders that spawn in, surrounded by their protective bubbles. The only way to kill them is with a melee attack, so you need to track them down and kill them so you can continue to take the point.

We will have full guides for each different challenge area once we have been through them all. In each area, it is crucial to revive fallen teammates, use Banners to ensure everyone has their Super and heavy ammo, and work together to get as much progress as you can.

Similar to Menagerie, how much progress you make in each area will fill a bar on the left side of the screen. When the bar is full, the Sundial will load up that week’s boss fight. Each boss fight will have different mechanics, and it will take some solid teamwork to bring them down.

Once the boss is defeated, you come back to the Sundial and will need to choose your reward. The rewards are dictated by which Obelisk you have connected to the Sundial for that run. If you are unsure about how to find an Obelisk, it is a step in the Matter of Time quest, which you will need to complete before you get access to this activity. You also earn Major Fractaline Harvest by completing Sundial runs, which you will need to upgrade your Obelisks.