Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Oracle Order and how to destroy them – Templar’s Well

Oracle, Oracle on the wall.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

With Vault of Glass returning to Destiny 2, there have been some subtle changes to various encounters, mixing things up just a little bit to confuse and befuddle veteran players who have already been through the Raid in the original Destiny.

For the Templar’s Well Oracles section, there have been a few changes that players will need to get to grips with in order to make it through the section. For new players, this sections revolves around shooting cubes of energy that will appear in a random order called Oracles. The good news is that the oracles die a little easier this time, the bad news is they spawn all at once.

The Oracle spawn order is now random, and players will need to destroy them in the exact order that they spawn in. This changes up the tactic for this portion a little. Each player should take one oracle, with a single player taking responsibility for two of them, as there are seven in total. The Oracles spawns locations are still the same, and are show on the image below.

Image via Destiny Raider

The Oracles will fake spawn twice, and players should call out the order that their oracle spawns in. The first player to see an Oracles should say “first”, regardless of where they are in the room. That person then takes responsibility for killing their Oracle first when it spawns for real. The second person to see an oracle says “Second”, and so on. Then, when they spawn in for real, players shoot the Oracles in the order they established with the call-outs, making sure not to kill them too quickly.

There are 5 rounds of Oracles in total, with the first round being 3 Oracles, then one additional Oracle being added with each round until it ends with all 7 Oracles.