Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth Legendary Lost Sector guide – best loadouts and classes to use

Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Legendary Lost Sectors are spin on the traditional Lost Sectors most are familiar with in Destiny 2. This variant of the activity includes tougher enemies, modifiers, and Champions with the chance of an exclusive exotic piece of armor found only upon completion of the Lost Sector.

This activity has two versions, each with different light levels of difficulty. One is capped at light-level 1300 and a more difficult one at light-level 1330. In this guide, we will be focusing on the Veles Labyrinth Legendary Lost Sector found in the Forgotten Shores of the Cosmodrome.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Best loadouts

Normally Lost Sectors can be completed using any loadout on hand, but with the inclusion of Champions, more thought and strategy are required before jumping in.

This specific Legendary Lost Sector houses two Barrier Knight Champions and one Unstoppable Ogre. Utilizing the seasonal mods found in the seasonal artifact, slot the weapon mods into your character’s arms to access the needed buffs.

The weapons to use are entirely dependent on which mods are available for a given season. Still, we have found that one exotic weapon shines in this particular version of the activity, Xenophage.

With Xenophage’s intrinsic perk allowing it to fire high-powered explosive ammunition, it is possible to bulldoze through most of the champions after staggering them. Additionally, it’s also possible to tear through the final boss with relative ease due to this weapon’s raw power.

Best classes

Your guardian’s class is an important part of ensuring a smooth run-through of the activity. We have found that high survivability and high burst damage supers are extremely effective with completing the Lost Sector. The following subclasses are what we have found to be the best based on this.

  • Titans – Bottom-tree Sunbreaker provides excellent survivability using the sunspots generated by the subclass’s abilities.
  • Warlocks – Top-tree Voidwalker is excellent for raw damage output against the final boss. When the super makes contact, the void orbs it generates will track any remaining enemies around the boss if it perishes from the initial blast.
  • Hunters – Bottom-tree Gunslinger with the Celestial Nighthawk exotic’s added benefit is essentially Destiny 2’s delete button. There are very few enemies that will survive the shot of Hunter’s hand cannon.