Destiny 2 – Where To Find Servants Of The Plague

 Destiny 2 – Where To Find Servants Of The Plague

This week in Destiny 2, one of Petra’s bounties sends you on a hunt for Servants of the Plague. You need to kill fifteen of them to finish the bounty. But where do you actually find them?

Where To Find Servants Of The Plague

Servants of the Plague are unique enemies that only spawn in the Blind Well. To get to the Blind Well, head for the Forbidden City. Open your Director once you get there, and the Blind Well will be marked by an ornate circle. Click on it, then follow the in-game marker.

Forbidden City
Forbidden CityTL;DR Games • Fair Use

When you get there, start up the Blind Well (I would suggest Tier 1 if you are alone), then get through the first wave. From the second wave onward, the Servants of the Plague will start to spawn. When they first spawn, they cannot be damaged. You will need to find another enemy called an Anathema, kill them, then pick up the orb that they drop. This will give you the Harmony buff, and you will now be able to damage and kill the Servant of the Plague.

AnathemaTL;DR Games • Fair Use

It should be noted, all you need to do is damage them, not actually land the final blow. If you are running with a group, make sure that everybody gets a chance to shoot the Servants after their shields are down, this way everyone will be considered to have killed the Servant. If you are low light, they are also quite tough, and being outside the bubble will damage you, so plan your attack carefully!

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