Diablo 4 – All Materials & How to Get Them

There are several crafting materials you need to use in Diablo 4, and this guide shows you where to find each one.

While exploring Sanctuary in Diablo 4, plenty of materials and resources will be available throughout your playthrough that you can pick up and use to craft or upgrade your gear. Although these resources are trivial on their own, they become critical components in crafting projects that will make your character stronger, and they can upgrade many aspects of your equipment.

These materials come from many unique resources, and not all of them are the same. You may need to seek out specific ones while playing the game, especially if a challenging crafting project awaits you back in town. Here’s what you need to know about all materials you can find in Diablo 4 and how to get them.

Every Material and Where To Get Them in Diablo 4

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There are 23 materials, each unique to one another, for you to find in Diablo 4. Each of them comes from different sources that you can find while playing the game. Some might drop from specific monsters that you battle in the dungeon, while others might appear while exploring the overworld, and you can grab them off the ground.

These are all of the materials in Diablo 4, and where they drop, so you regularly farm them to improve your gear.

Material IconMaterialWhere to Find Them
Abstruse SigilAbstruse Sigils are rare, and they only drop from Salvaging Legendary jewelry.
AngelbreathAngelbreath is a relatively common item and can appear almost anywhere in the overworld of Diablo 4.
Baleful FragmentBaleful Fragments will only appear after Salvaging a Legendary Weapon.
BiteberryBiteberries are a rare resource that only appears in the Fractured Peaks region.
BlightshadeBlightshade is another rare material that can only appear in the overworld while exploring the Hawezar region.
Coiling WardCoiling Ward is extremely rare but reliably drops when Salvaging Legendary armor pieces.
Crushed Beast BonesThere’s a chance you can find Crushed Beast Bones by defeating Werecreatures in the overworld.
Demon’s HeartThere’s a chance a Demon’s Heart will drop after defeating Demonic creatures in Diablo 4.
Fiend RoseThe only way to find Fiend Roses is by searching the overworld during a Helltide event.
Forgotten SoulThis is a rare material that only appears during the Helltide event.
GallowvineGallowvine is a common herb that appears throughout the overworld of Diablo 4.
Grave DustGrave Dust has a chance to drop after defeating Undead enemies.
Howler MossHowler Moss is a rare material that only appears while exploring the Scosglen region.
Iron ChunkIron Chunks are relatively common, but they only appear in ore veins.
LifesbaneLifesbane is another troublesome material that only appears in the Kehjistan region.
PaletongueThe Paletongue resource drops from defeating evil humans that you encounter in the overworld of Diablo 4.
RawhideRawhide is a relatively common material after defeating Animals or other Fur-based creatures in Diablo 4.
ReddamineReddamine is another plant that only appears in one region of the world, and that’s going to be the Dry Steppes.
Scattered PrismScattered Prism has the chance to drop after defeating Event or World Bosses.
Sigil PowderSigil Powder will only appear from Salvaging Nightmare Sigils from the Occultists. This material can drop from any tier of Nightmare Sigil.
Silver OreSilver Ore is a rarer resource that has the chance to drop from Glittering Ore deposits.
Superior LeatherSuperior Leather is a higher-quality version of Rawhide and has the chance to drop from tougher Animals or Fur-covered enemies in Diablo 4.
Veiled CrystalThe Veiled Crystal can drop from Salvaging Rare Weapons or Armor.