Diablo 4 – How To Solve Reject The Mother Questline

The Reject the Mother side quest can be a little confusing in Diablo 4, but this guide shows you how to complete this quest.

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There are multiple side quests for you to find in Diablo 4. These quests can be as simple as taking down several nearby foes, tracking down souls, collecting provisions, or performing a specific emote in front of a shrine.

The Reject the Mother side quest is one of the more confusing ones you can find in Diablo 4. The text for the quest was a little confusing, and we also found ourselves stumbling on where we should go next. This guide should make it easier to figure out the solution to the Reject the Mother side quest in Diablo 4, and what you need to do to complete it.

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Where to Find the Reject The Mother Side Quest in Diablo 4

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The Reject the Mother quest appears in the Dry Steppes region. This is typically the fourth area you can find in Diablo 4, so long as you follow the main story quest. The exact area you need to visit is called Tusmaa Rift, and it should be close to the center of this region, on the side of the cliff.

When you reach this point, read the torn note on the ground at the location, and this will trigger the quest if it is available for you. This quest was not available to us until we completed all of Act 3 in the Diablo 4 storyline, which gives us access to the area we need to visit to complete this quest.

What is The Reject The Mother Side Quest Solution in Diablo 4?

The note talks of a secret shrine made for Lilith but does not provide a precise location. We were able to figure out that the statue had to be in this region, but it was not one of the marked ones. Instead, it is an unmarked statue, protected by a host of demons that worship her.

The statue you need to find for this quest in Diablo 4 is in the northern part of this region, Tusmaa Rift. Follow the pathway from the note, and continue east until the pathway begins to take you north. We followed this path and ran into multiple enemies along the way. Thankfully, a good number of them were relatively simple, with a handful of elite foes appearing every so often.

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Upon reaching the end of the pathway, there’s a large statue at the end of this road. When I approached this statue, I did the one thing I knew that would reject Lilith and used the No emote in front of it. When we did so, a chest opened up for us nearby, and we completed the Reject The Mother quest in Diablo 4.

Some players in Diablo 4 have reported that even though they have completed Act 3, this area remains blocked for them. Unfortunately, this is a known issue. One solution some players have gone through to fix this problem is logging in and out, or jumping into the game with another player. Whenever you run into this problem, it might be best to reach out to the Blizzard Support team to see if they can assist you, and bypass the problem.