Diablo 4 PVP- Fields of Hatred, Mark for Blood & Rewards

Diablo 4 players can choose to engage in PvP if they located specific areas. These challenges will offer unique rewards to collect.


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PvP is the optional gameplay mode that allows players to battle one another in Diablo 4 and earn special currencies and rewards. There are only a few places players can challenge each other in combat, and there are quite a few features to it that may be a bit confusing.

To help Diablo 4 fans take advantage of this unique style of gameplay, we’ll go over how PvP works, including the locations, currencies, and rewards you can expect to find as your take on other players.

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The Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4

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The Fields of Hatred are the few areas where players can engage in PvP Content in Diablo 4. These areas can be found in the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan and can be denoted by their red appearance on your map. They each have one Waypoint, making it easy to get to these locations if you want to participate in PvP content.

Given how the story plays out in Diablo 4, you will likely enter the Dry Steppes Fields of Hatred first and find the town Alzuuda. When you first arrive, you’ll find an NPC with a priority quest that will introduce you to the key features of the Fields of Hatred and the PvP system.

What are Seeds of Hatred and Red Dust in Diablo IV

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The main reason to tackle PvP is to earn Seeds of Hatred and Red Dust. These currencies can only be found in these areas, and require a few steps to get their full use. The Seeds of Hatred drops from enemies, chests, and completing events in the area. Unlike other currencies in Diablo 4, this one cannot leave the Fields of Hatred and will be purged and removed from your inventory if you leave the area. You will also drop your seeds if you are killed in this area.

Instead, you must purify your Seeds of Hatred and turn them into Red Dust. To do this, you’ll want to find one of the three Altars of Extraction in the area. By interacting with the Altar, you deposit your seeds and begin performing a Purification Ritual, converting your seeds into Red Dust.

This process takes some time to complete, so you will need to defend the area and stay alive to claim your Red Dust once the Diablo 4 ritual is finished. Red Dust is a permanent currency and will not be lost when you leave the Fields of Hatred, so you can save it and use it later.

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As for its uses, Red Dust can be used to purchase cosmetics and transmogs from vendors in the Fields of Hatred towns, including horse skins and saddles, as well as weapons and gear.

What is the Mark for Blood in Diablo 4

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Mark for Blood is an option that players can toggle to engage in full PvP in Diablo 4, and allows you to fight and kill players who also have Mark for Blood activated. To turn this one, open your emote wheel with E on your Keyboard, and scroll until you find the skull in a spiked ring icon. Click this option, and you will turn on Mark for Blood. Now you can kill other players in the Fields of Hatred. You can turn off Mark for Blood by visiting the Altar of Cleansing in town.

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By killing players in Fields of Hatred, you will eventually become Hatred’s Chosen, marking your location on the map for all players to see, and you cannot perform Purification Rituals. You’ll earn powerful rewards if you can survive long enough without leaving the area or entering town. Conversely, if a player kills you, they will be handsomely rewarded.