Diablo 4 Season 2 Seasonal Resets (Explained)

Its time for a clean slate as you enter Diablo 4 Season of Blood. Here is what will be reset, and what you get to keep.


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Diablo 4 has begun its second season, the Season of Blood, which will see players slaying vampires as they go on to chase new rewards and end-game loot. With this latest update also comes the first seasonal reset, which sees several things change and move around to make room for new content and characters.

Some players may be wondering how seasonal resets work and what they can expect to see when they next log in to dive into Season of Blood. How are their characters affected? Do you lose any progress? We have all the answers and information you need in this guide and explain how seasonal resets work in Diablo 4.

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How Does Seasonal Resets Work in Diablo 4 Season 2?

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Seasonal resets occur whenever a new season of Diablo 4 begins, in this case, the transition from Season of the Maglinant to Season of Blood, and will see several things happen to your characters and the game as a whole.


First, all your seasonal characters will be moved from the Seasonal Realm to the Eternal Realm. This is done for each new season to begin with everyone starting from level one with brand new characters if they plan to partake in the seasonal content, and make sure everyone starts at the same point.

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Your previous seasonal characters are not deleted or altered, with the only exception being any seasonal powers, in this case, the Malignant Hearts, and seasonal items, which will be removed and disappear. All other items you have on your character and in your stash will be untouched. Your character can then continue to be played over on the Eternal Realm but will not have access to the current season or be able to work towards the Battle Pass rewards.

To take part in the seasonal content, you must create a new seasonal character and skip the campaign.


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The stash items you have on any seasonal character don’t disappear and come with you to the Eternal Realm, and can be claimed anytime from a withdraw-only stash found in the stash menu. However, you will need to withdraw and claim those items before the start of the next season.

So, for your Season of the Maglinant characters, you have until the end of Season of Blood to claim your stash items. If you do not get them, they will be lost.

Carry Over

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Starting in Season of Blood, far more progress will carry over from season to season, making the grind much less taxing and lengthy. With the seasonal reset, players’ Renown rewards, including Obol capacity, Potion capacity, Skill Points, and Paragon Points, will be carried over to new characters when obtained on any prior characters in seasons in the future.

In essence, you won’t have as much busy work and won’t need to worry about redoing everything in the game.