Diablo 4: Season 3 Class Tier List (Best Classes This Season)

How is Diablo 4’s classes looking as we enter Season of the Construct? Here is our current rankings of each class as the third season begins.


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Diablo 4, Season of the Construct, is here, and with each season comes a shake-up to the meta that sees classes fall in and out of favor with players thanks to their viability, builds, and the introduction of seasonal mechanics.

With some notable changes to class abilities, including several reworks and items as well as Passives, quite a few changes have seen some big shifts in the Diablo 4 meta this time around. This guide aims to give you those details and offer insight into what classes are faring well as Season of the Construct begins.


Diablo 4 Season of the Construct Tier List

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As we have said in other tier lists and guides, you shouldn’t take this tier list as the definitive rankings or indication that a class is good or bad. You should play what and how you want and enjoy the game as you see fit.

This tier list should serve as a snapshot of each class’s current viability and provide some insight into their experience across all the game’s content and progression, from leveling speed, endgame, bosses, etc. Use it to get insight, then choose what you want to play that feel will be the most rewarding for you.

That said, this is our current rankings for Diablo 4‘s classes in Season of the Construct. Remember to check back; this list might change as the season progresses.

5. Druid

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Druids can be a good option in the endgame and be quite a powerhouse in the right situation, but they also have quite a few issues that prevent them from really getting to shine in Season of the Construct.

For one, a good amount of Druid builds require specific Legendaries or Uniques, which can make getting them to their full potential a drag, though this has always been the case with this class. Beyond that, the Druid didn’t get too much love during the 1.3.0 patch, with the main standout being Spirit Boon tweaks and a few spell improvements, notably Rabies and Lacerate.

With that said, their overall position is lower than other classes partly due to the more substantive changes seen in classes like the Rogue and Barbarian, as well as their general viability in the season as a whole, with very slow leveling and a small pool of builds, such as Pulverzie and Lighting Storm to pick from that could be worthwhile.

4. Sorcerer

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Sorcerers had the least amount of balancing changes in Patch 1.3.0, and because of that, they don’t move much in the grand scheme of things as Season of the Construct gets underway. However, that doesn’t mean you should count them out.

As always, they remain rather squishy and, towards the endgame, can be rather tricky to play, with no real hard-hitting build to use when pushing Nightmare Dungeons or to the high-end content. However, they can be a hugely rewarding class in terms of leveling thanks to their teleport for added speed, and they are well-rounded and versatile, giving them loads of build options, including Ball Lighting, Meteor, and Blizzard, to name a few.

With the help of the new Seneschal Companion, we could see Sorcerer rise up the ranks as the season progresses, but for now, a few others hit just that little bit harder.

3. Necromancer

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Much like the Druid, Necromancers primarily fall lower down the rankings this season due to the more substantive changes to over classes. With that said, there are a few changes that put this class a little lower than we have seen previously,

For the most part, their performance looks to be similar to Season of Blood, which was pretty good. They have a few noteworthy tweaks to skills that make Bone Spirit a much more viable spell and build, and both Bone Spear and Blood Lance builds look to be in good spots, which makes for a smooth leveling experience. They also saw a few changes to their Golem and some items that could provide interesting options.

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However, there hasn’t been much else that’s moved the Necromancer around, which could be a good thing if you value consistency. Instead, they remain in a healthy spot, albeit with a few bumps up and down, which, thanks to other changes, sees them moved down a bit in the ranking, though not through any fault of their own.

2. Rogue

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Rogues darling build Twisting Blades got nerfed this time around, which may be a hard pill to swallow for some, but where one build may have suffered, several others have risen, namely ranged builds.

Rogues saw multiple abilities involving ranged attacks and weapons getting some love in this patch, with Penetrating Shot being a particular standout, along with Forceful Arrow and the Precision Key Passive. In addition, multiple Unique items, including all the bows, got reworks that further improve ranged builds viability in the season.

While they can be a bit more tricky to play and a rather squishy option, their speed and potential in endgame content make them a very worthwhile choice for the season, and we imagine they will only get better with the help of the new Companion ally.

1. Barbarian

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Barbarian has seen a significant comeback for Season of the Construct, shooting right to the top of the food chain after some rather hefty buffs and reworks that have made the class a powerhouse.

First, Several Key Passives got reworks that improve their effectiveness, with Walking Arsenal being the standout that got some nice increases to its durations and bonuses. Charge also got a massive increase in damage and some reworked abilities, making it a more than desirable option to add to your builds. On top of that, several rework items and some new additions have made Barbarian builds stronger, namely Bleed and Overpower, thanks to their effects, with Overpower also getting some tweaks in this patch.

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While leveling is still their weak area, they are tanky, hard-hitting, and more than capable of quickly taking on the game’s content, and they look to take this season by the horns.