What Are Vault Dungeons In Diablo 4 Season 3? [Explained]

Here is everything to know about Vault Dungeons in Diablo 4 Season of the Construct, and what players can expect to find.


Image via Blizzard

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After months of waiting, Diablo 4‘s third season, Season of the Construct, will bring new mechanics and gameplay to the ARPG, giving players new content to enjoy and rewards to earn. One of the biggest new additions is the Vault Dungeons, which play a role in empowering your Seneschal Companion, who will be your spiderlike helper during the season.

To get you up to speed on this new content, we’ve compiled all the details we know on Vault Dungeons in Diablo 4, including their rewards, mechanics, and what players can expect from these new challenges.

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What Are the Vault Dungeons in Season of the Construct?

Image via Blizzard

Vaults are the new specialized dungeons in Season of the Construct and are one of the new pieces of content players will be doing throughout the season to earn lucrative rewards.

These new styles of dungeons will house Constructs, a new monster family joining Diablo that players will need to defeat while also avoiding elemental hazards designed to help keep demons at bay, only now they protect the demonic forces who lurk within.

At World Tier 3, you will be able to enter Nightmare Vaults in Diablo 4 using Vault Sigils that will act like Nightmare Dungeons, only with the added mechanics of Vaults and the new layered blessing called Zoltun’s Warding you will need to manage during the dungeon.

What is Zoltun’s Warding?

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Zoltun’s Warding is a layered buff that players will gain upon beginning a Vault Dungeon. This buff will provide protection from the traps and dangers of the Vault, with each hit diminishing the buff.

After you have converted your Pearls of Warding and entered the Vault in Diablo 4, the aim is to keep as much of this buff as possible as you advance through the dungeon and defeat the Vault boss.

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Once you do, you’ll get the Wardwoven Chest, which will drop the Stones and other items like legendaries. In essence, the less you get hit during a run, the better rewards you’ll have at the end of the Vault.

Why Do the Vault Dungeons in Season of the Construct?

Image via Blizzard

The primary reason to do this new content is to obtain some of the new seasonal resources you will need to upgrade your Seneschal Companion, these being the Governing and Tuning Stones.

These items are used to refine and alter your companion so they can fit your playstyle. By completing these Vault Dungeons, you’ll be able to earn more of these Stones that provide different perks and abilities. There will also likely be several objectives for the Seasonal Jour in Diablo 4 tied to this new content, so completing these can help advance your Battle Pass and earn more rewards.