Diablo Immortal Barbarian Leveling Guide – Level 1 to 60

Not sure how to level your Barbarian? Follow our quick and easy guide!

Image via Blizzard

So you have chosen to level up a Barbarian in Diablo: Immortal, but are wondering what to look out for and what build to play as you level up from 1 to 60? Follow our easy guide to max out your Barbarian leveling build and be prepared for the endgame content.

The Barbarian is a great class to level with. Great mobility and AoE clear speeds help to set a blistering pace through the campaign. You will encounter your only hurdles with the somewhat slow boss kill times, but even then, Lacerate and its associated ultimate will help you safely clear all bosses.

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Barbarian Leveling Build

Level 1: You start off the game with Lacerate as your primary skill, as well as Cleave and Hammer of the Ancients. You will be using Lacerate to deal repeated single target damage that helps with sustaining you through self-healing. Cleave can be used to tag multiple enemies at close range and apply a bleed effect on them. Hammer of the Ancient is a huge area of effect (AoE) damage skill that demolishes enemies that have grouped together. It pairs very well with damage and extra effects from The Remembered — a weapon reward for Barbarians that can be unlocked with Battle Pass.

Level 3: You unlock Chained Spear. Equip it to an empty skill slot and use it to gather up monsters to combo down with your Cleave and Hammer of the Ancients. Planning ahead, we will be swapping this skill for a mobility-focused skill.

Level 8: At this level, you unlock an important damage skill, Whirlwind. It will be your primary damaging skill for the rest of your leveling experience. For extra efficiency, make sure to gather the enemies together, before channeling Whirlwind and cutting them all down.

Level 15: You unlock Sprint, your best movement skill for zipping through the campaign. It has a relatively long uptime on a short cooldown. Replace Chained Spear with Sprint and use it liberally to get from objective to objective as fast as possible.

Level 50: After a while with the same setup, you unlock another important skill. Wrath of the Berserker is a strong buff to our damage and movement speed. So, at this point, you should replace Cleave with it. It stacks with Whirlwind and makes your clear speed even better.

Image via Blizzard


Barbarians use a pair of weapons, one in each hand. Their off-hand weapons are tagged as such, so you won’t be able to equip a main-hand weapon to off-hand to benefit from its stats. While playing through the campaign, always pick gear with stats that increase your damage output, survivability, and mobility.

Pick everything up and salvage for extra resources at every opportunity, transferring upgrades to new equipment for free. Make sure to upgrade all of your equipment to Rank 6 before moving on to Rank 7. That way, you will get an extra attribute for each primary slot.


Legendary items represent massive power spikes for your character. Almost any that you find would be a huge upgrade, but some of the best Legendary items to find for Barbarians early on include:

  • The Remembered
  • The Tempest
  • The Gathering
  • Second Breath
  • Broken Grasp
  • Screaming Fury
  • Ydama’s Cyclone


Normal and Legendary gems improve the power scale of your character along with gear. While leveling, equip all gems that you find in Hidden Lairs. For Barbarians, Red and Blue gems should take priority, if you’re lucky enough to be given a choice.

Level-locked content?

As you play through the campaign, you might find that you are not high enough level to progress. There are a couple of ways to grind and level up to progress further.

The quicker way is to obtain and advance through the Battle Pass, which provides you with XP boosting benefits. From there, you can profit from running Dungeons for extra XP, or farming the open world for Monstrous Essences and Side Quests.

The slower way is to go back and do all Side Quests and Hidden Lairs that you have missed while playing through the previous Story Quests. While slower, this method might arguably give you more XP, items, gems, and salvage materials in the long run.