Diablo Immortal Lamp Puzzle Solution – Light All 9 Lamps

Can you light them all?

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As you progress through the Shassar Sea, you will be tasked with entering the Library of Zoltun Kulle. This creepy container of ancient knowledge is home to many threats, but perhaps none as devious as the difficult nine lamp puzzle. While this puzzle has stumped many adventurers, it is actually much easier than it appears to be. It can be completed with only a few moves. Here is how you solve the Diablo Immortal Lamp Puzzle.

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How to reach the Library of Zoltun Kulle

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After completing the Dark Wood section of the main story, you will be tasked with going to the Shassar Sea. Completing the Shassar Sea will take a little bit of time, but the quests will eventually lead you to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. The entrance to this area is marked on the map above. Head to the northwest corner of the Shassar Sea to gain access to this location. It is worth noting that if you are below level 35, you will not be able to continue the campaign in this area because you will be under-leveled. If you are below level 35, head back to Westmarch and complete some Bounties. This will help level yourself up quickly so you can get back to the story.

Lamp Puzzle solution

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After entering the library, you will need to complete a small portion of the story before you can access the Lamp Puzzle. The puzzle’s location is marked on the map above. You will automatically be directed to come here after reaching the statue in the nearby chamber. To begin the puzzle, interact with the object in the back of the room behind the lamps.

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After interacting with the object, you can then start working on the lamp posts. When you interact with one, it will also ignite the lamps around it. Follow the steps below to solve the puzzle quickly.

  • Interact with any of the corner lamp posts. For this example, we chose to ignite the left corner first.
  • Interact with the lamp post in the opposite corner from the first one.
  • Ignite the center lamp post. This will ignite the center and extinguish the side ones.
  • Ignite the remaining corner lamp posts. If done correctly, all of the lamp posts will be ignited.

We have also marked the lamp posts in the image above in the order that we interacted with them to solve the puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, the flames will all shoot into the object near the posts and give you a rune to continue the quest.