Diablo Immortal’s Shadow Lottery, Explained – How does it work?

Hopefully luck will be on your side.

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The factions in Diablo Immortal are more than just a clan to bind people together. The Shadows and Immortals are locked in an eternal struggle, with the Immortals representing the strongest and best warriors in the land and the Shadows constantly vying for their spot. To join the Immortals, you have to rise within the Shadows, but how do you join the ranks of the Shadows? Most players will need to take part in the elusive Shadow Lottery.

Diablo Immortal’s Shadow Lottery, Explained

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All of the factions serve a purpose in Diablo Immortal, but to take part in the battle between the Shadows and the Immortals, most players will need to have a bit of luck. The Shadow Lottery is the only way to join the Shadows without the help of a friend. Once you have reached level 43 and completed the Bilefen questline, you can travel to the Westmarch Tavern. Three times a day, a figure called the Mysterious Patron will appear and allow players to take part in the Shadow Lottery.

To take part, you need to speak to the Mysterious Patron at 12 PM, 6 PM, or 9 PM server time. He will give you a ticket. At the end of the hour, some players will get a message via the in-game mail system telling them that they were successful. It is entirely down to luck, so you will likely have to try several times.

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Head back to the Mysterious Patron and speak to him. Choose the “Shadow Mettle” Dialogue option and it will unlock a set of three new objectives for you to fulfill. The first objective can be completed by heading to the Court of Whispers and speaking to Nuon. Called Path of Blood, it will require to you defeat several rounds of enemies by yourself. There aren’t any great rewards that are dropped by these enemies, unfortunately, but it should be manageable provided that your gear is on par for your level.

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The second task is called Vault Raider. Go to Fyggus in the Court of Whispers. They will task you with collecting at least 25 Essentia. These are special drops from enemies in the vaults. Be careful to avoid alerting the Wardens that are scattered along the vault. They will sound the alarm once they detect you and make things far more difficult for you.

The final task is the most difficult. Speak to the Mysterious Patron once again and they will show you to a room in the back of the tavern. There, you will be faced with three Ancient Champions. You must beat them all by yourself. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Shadows.