How to Make Mayonnaise With a Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley


You may have been using eggs in your mayonnaise machine, but you can also toss in a dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley. The hardest part is finding the correct dinosaur egg to use and where to find them.

You can locate a dinosaur egg by being lucky and catching one in a treasure chest found while fishing. You have to weigh the chances of you capturing your fish and the treasure, but should you get both and have the luck to draw a dinosaur egg, you’re good to go.

The other option is to go to the artifact spot inside the mountain or the quarry in the game. You can dig them up at one of the artifact spots, which are the small worms sticking out of the ground. The first dinosaur egg you find, though, should go to Gunther’s museum. You can keep all of the eggs you see after that, though.

If you want a continual supply of dinosaur eggs, much like you do the chickens, what you can do is place a dinosaur egg underneath an incubator inside of the Big Coop of the Deluxe Coop and wait nearly two weeks for the egg to hatch. When it does, you’ll have a dinosaur wandering around your property, and every six days, it puts down an egg.

Regardless of what route you choose, you can place that dinosaur egg directly inside of the mayonnaise machine and have some dinosaur mayonnaise in no time. These sell for 800 gold pieces on the market.