How to get Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make yourself some Mint Chocolate with this herb.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with ingredients that you can find in the various biomes that make up the map. These ingredients are used to make meals, can be given to residents, and are even sometimes used to complete quests. One of the many ingredients you can get in the valley is Mint, a quality herb with many uses. This guide will show you how to get Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Where to find Mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mint is just one of many herbs you can obtain in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Similar to ingredients like Ginger, Mint is unattainable at the beginning of the game, and you will need to wait quite a while before you will be able to make any meals with it. The herb that you are looking for resides in the Frosted Heights, a biome that is pretty costly to unlock.

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The Frosted Heights reside on the far side of the Forest of Valor to the east of the Plaza. The Forest of Valor will cost you 4,000 Dreamlight to unlock. To reach the Frosted Heights, you will need an additional 10,000 Dreamlight, bringing the total to 14,000. You can get the Dreamlight magic required to unlock the biomes by completing tasks and quests around the valley. Dreamlight Duties refresh constantly refresh, making it easy to gather Dreamlight.

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Once you have the necessary Dreamlight, remove the Night Thorns blocking your path to the Frosted Heights. Mint can be found growing around the entire biome and can be identified by its dark and plentiful leaves. Each plant will get you one Mint. You can get more by bringing a resident with you that is assigned to the foraging role. This will get you an additional Mint each time you harvest one of the plants.