Top 10 Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Design Ideas

New ways to decorate your valley.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the home for many Disney fans as the game allows them to decorate to their hearts content. The game allows players to have their favorite Disney characters living in their valley and the freedom to customize so many things around each building. Between customizing trees, flowers, bushes, and much more, there is no limit to all the possibilities. This guide gives players looking to brighten up their valleys some inspiration. Here are 10 best design ideas to use today in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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10. Goofy’s Stall Design

Image via Fleurs on YouTube

Fleurs show us many design ideas for stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but above is one that looks extra pretty. Goofy’s stall is a necessary item that comes in every biome; however, it can become a boring structure. While the stall is needed to purchase and sell items in the game, it could look more appealing. Adding some decorations and pathways can lively it up and give it more personality.

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9. Walkway Landing Path

Image via Fleurs on YouTube

Fleurs on YouTube shows us many ways to lay out paths and areaways for benches and much more. Having pathways through the valley gives it a lot more character and can make it look more organized. This clean look can be accomplished just by adding some pathways and then decorating accordingly around it with fences, trees, bushes, or flowers.

8. Alice In Wonderland

Image via Wyntir Rose Games on YouTube

Wyntir Rose Games shows us some cool design layouts on her YouTube, including the one above. References to other Disney movies throughout the valley are a great way to give it personality and little references for things the player loves. For example, this Alice In Wonderland-themed tea table is a fantastic idea that this player put together.

7. Curved Pathways

Image via HorribleGaming on YouTube

YouTuber HorribleGaming shows players how to make some curvey pathways in Disney Dreamlight Valley to give the valley more character. While the other idea was for extensive areas, adding similar ones with either an edging or bushes or rocks can make it easier to walk to the place the player wants to go. It also gives everything an organized and clean look.

6. A Orchard

Image via Fleurs on YouTube

Having a tree orchard is both pretty and beneficial, and Fleurs shows us how to make one like the image above. It is a beautiful addition to any valley, especially bringing the fun, bright colors that the apples and pears do, but it also allows all the trees producing these fruits to be in one place, which makes collecting them a lot quicker and easier.

5. Farming Area

Image via Elle Serein on YouTube

A farming area is crucial in Disney Dreamlight Valley as many crops are needed to cook recipes or complete quests. Elle Serein on YouTube shows us an amazing idea on how to make a crop area. Having a site that organizes all the plants the player is growing is something no player will regret owning. This could either be added outside of the player’s house or be an additional thing to add around Wall-E’s garden.

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4. Beachside Theme Park

Image via MichaelPlays

Michaelplays shows us how they designed their beachside theme park in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Disney is known for their theme parks, and having one in the Valley makes it feel more like living in Disney Land. With Disney-themed rides, players can make a cool theme park in any part of their valley. This player-made beachside amusement park is a good use of beach space that many players might not know what to do with.

3. Pumpkin Patch

Image via Fleurs on YouTube

Seasonal areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley are beautiful, whether that be a fall area for the forever-going pumpkin patch to keep the money flowing or making a really cool wintery area in Frozen Heights. Here is some inspiration for a pumpkin patch from YouTuber Fleurs. The game also adds seasonal items each month, making this easy to make after playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while.

2. Sitting Areas

Image via atheenabean on YouTube

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to sit on benches, even sometimes with the villagers of their valley. Having an area with some seating that is decorated nicely is a great way to make the valley look more cozy and inviting. YouTuber Atheenabean‘s designs show that this can be done with benches or chairs.

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1. Campfire On The Beach

Image via Flaky Gaming on YouTube

The beach is an area that some players might feel overwhelmed by and not know how to decorate. Flaky Gaming on YouTube gives a tour of how they set up their beach. A great idea would be to turn it into a place to sit and relax during sunset with a lovely fire pit. Placing down some beach towels, umbrellas, and other items makes it all the better.