Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Gooseberry Boba Tea

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a couple different flavors of Boba Tea, this guide teaches how to make Gooseberry Boba Tea.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gooseberry Boba Tea

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley has countless recipes that can be prepared, and the developers are always adding more with coming updates, including some holiday-themed ones. This guide will focus on the sweet and yummy Gooseberry Boba Tea. This is one of my personal favorites since the drink is a beautiful purple color, and it is fairly easy to make for players who have some of the more expensive biomes unlocked.

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How To Make Gooseberry Boba Tea In DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gooseberry Boba Tea
Screenshot by Gamepur

Gooseberry Boba Tea is one of the many different flavors of tea players can make in the game. There is also Raspberry, Coconut, and more available to be prepared in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well. Not only are these drinks 3-star meals, but they also make for great gifts to valley villagers or decorations for tables.

This meal only requires three ingredients to prepare, and they are listed below.

  • Sugarcane
  • Milk
  • Gooseberry

The hardest ingredient out of these to get is Gooseberries, as they are only obtainable in Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands, which are two of the most expensive locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley to unlock.

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Milk can be purchased from Remy’s restaurant in the Valley, and Sugarcane can be found on Dazzle Beach. Once mixing all three of these ingredients into the cooking station’s pot with x1 coal, players will have created the Gooseberry Boba Tea, and it will be added to their recipe collection.

This recipe can be consumed for some extra energy, gifted to a villager to make their day, or placed on a coffee table to make a home look a little more lived in. Disney Dreamlight Valley players will realize that the possibilities in this game, not only for customization but also for recipes, are endless. That’s everything to know about making Gooseberry Boba Tea in DDV.