Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Make Mint Boba

This Disney Dreamlight Valley guide details all ingredients required to make Mint Boba recipe.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mint Boba

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley jumped onto the hype train with the interesting drink, Boba. Instead of just adding one single Boba recipe, we can make many different flavors in the game. This is an easy and fun recipe to make and fun to set around to decorate for summer. This DDV guide will teach how to make the delicious Mint Boba Tea.

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How To Make Mint Boba in DDV

Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mint Boba
Screenshot by Gamepur

Boba is an odd drink that is also supposed to be tea people often purchase in various flavors. Disney Dreamlight Valley was sure to follow suit by adding Mint, Coconut, Raspberry, and Gooseberry boba tea recipes. Below are the required ingredients for Mint Boba Tea.

  • Mint 
  • Sugarcane 
  • Milk

These are some pretty easy ingredients for players to get as long as players have the required biomes unlocked that each material comes from. Mint can be found in Frosted Heights growing out of the ground, so players can easily just pick it up. Sugarcane can be found in Dazzle Beach at one of Goofy’s Stalls. And finally, Milk can be purchased at the Remys’ Restaurant for 230 Star Coins.

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Once adding all three of these ingredients to a cooking station pot with 1 coal, players will then have Mint Boba Tea. This recipe is a 3-star, meaning it will restore a decent amount of energy to the avatar. It restores exactly +1,032 energy. This dessert meal can also be sold for 460 at any of Goofy’s Stalls.

That’s everything to know about making Mint Boba Tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley; find the recipe for normal Boba Tea here. Have fun drinking this yummy beverage.