Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Take Pictures With Your Animal Companions

All the cuddly faces!

Disney Dreamlight Valley, companions.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After an April Fools Day joke of Disney Dreamlight Valley adding a feature where we could take pictures holding our “favorite lamps,” the developers added something that many friends are super happy about. Instead of holding a lamp, you can now take pictures with your companions by your side or in your arms. Here’s what you need to know about taking photos with your companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to hold your pet companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley photo mode

Screenshot by Gamepur

This adorable feature will work with any companion, although the poses might be different depending on the size of the animal and if your avatar will hold it or sit with it. First, you want to simply pull out your camera. From there will you see things look pretty normal, still having your regular features like angles, filters, frames, and more. But if you switch over the camera to a full-body angle, a new option comes up.

While having your camera in full-body mode, you will be able to pick from different poses and one of those options has a paw print. Once clicking that, you will see your companion pop up with your avatar. Then you can easily adjust your angles by following the instructions on the screen to take the best pictures with your cuddly friend.

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This will work with any companion, but if you are using a companion that is larger than a rabbit or any of the smaller animals, then you will be in a seated position next to it. If the companion is smaller, you will be holding it in your hands. For example, with Pua, the pig from Moana, your avatar will hold Pua with its arms wrapped around it tightly. With the bunny, your character will hold it away looking longingly into its adorable eyes. Now you can take pictures with your companions to your heart’s content.