Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete Bunnies On The Run quest

Catch those bunnies runnin’!

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Bunnies are a major focus in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event, bringing many new quests filled with rabbit and egg-themed activities. The Bunnies On The Run quest was introduced as part of the Pride of the Valley update and is part of the April event. Here’s how to tackle this mission quickly and get your rewards.

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Start the quest and catch all the Bunnies for Wall-E

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have updated your game and loaded it into your valley, you can begin the Eggstravaganza quest by talking to Wall-E. In addition to the bunny-related quest, he’ll also have the Blooming and Blossom quest, which is worth picking up as well. Regardless, our focus is on the rabbits, so pick that one up and get ready to catch all of the white bunnies running around the plaza.

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There will be five bunnies running around your plaza. They aren’t hard to spot but they will definitely run away quickly so keep an eye out. Remember that these bunnies will only be in the plaza, so you won’t need to look around the other biomes. Do note that the bunnies will look slightly different from the ones that you can turn into a companion. After you’ve caught all five, you can return them to Wall-E and you will have completed the Bunnies On The Run quest.

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The reward for finishing the quest is 20 Wild Spring Eggs, 20 Egg-cellent Fruit, 5 Spring V-EGG-etable, and 1,000 XP. The eggs you get from Wall-E can be used for crafting some of the Eggstravaganza items. Remember, the event is only available until April 29, so be sure to collect as many eggs as you can.