The Division 2 – What To Do With The American History Museum Basement Key

When playing through the American History Museum mission in The Division 2, you may notice that a random enemy will drop the American History Museum Basement Key. It doesn’t seem to fall from a set any me, but it should end up dropping each time you play. The big question is, where do you go, and what can you get with it?

American History Museum Basement Key

American History Museum Basement Key

As you play through the mission, you will come to a part that involves dropping down an elevator shaft on some ropes. Once you hit the bottom of this elevator shaft, you will see a chain link fence on the right side.

The American History Museum Basement Key will open this fence, allowing you into that area. In here, you will find some loot crates, and there should be some weapon and armor crates to be found as well.

This room will be pretty useful on your first run through the mission, as free loot is always a good thing. Later in the game, it is less useful, as you should be running a pretty good build by that point. It is free loot though, which can be traded in for cash, might be useful for Projects, or even just breaking down for materials.