The Division 2 – How To Get The Chatterbox Exotic SMG

The Chatterbox Exotic SMG is a pretty solid weapon for The Division 2’s endgame content. With perks that allow it an increased rate of fire as you land your shots, kills refilling a portion of the magazine and reloads within five seconds of you last kill giving a fire rate buff, it really can be a DPS monster in the hands of a confident Agent.

How To Get The Chatterbox Exotic SMG

The only downside to this particular Exotic is the work involved in getting it. It certainly is worth it though.

The first thing you need to do is farm up some Hyena keys. Head for the tunnels in Hyena territory, and you should have quite a few of them gathered up in a short amount of time. Once you have that done, it is time to start working on finding the parts of the Chatterbox Exotic SMG.

The Loaded Canister

The Loaded Canister will drop from Hyena Caches in the Downtown East region. Head into Hyena missions and keep an eye out for Caches as you play through them. I’d suggest running through the Grand Washington Hotel mission, as multiple caches can spawn during it.

The Creative Mag

For the Creative Mag, we are looking for Hyena caches in the Federal Triangle region. Run the Jefferson Trade Center mission, and keep an eye out for a Hyena cache in the parking garage.

Modified Mods

Head for Judiciary Square, and go into the police station on Indiana Avenue. Go into the courtyard, the move down the elevator shaft and make your way to the parking garage. There should be a Hyena Cache there that can contain the Modified Mods component.

Chatterbox SMG Blueprint

The final part you will need is the actual blueprint for the weapon. This is located in the Bank Headquarters mission in Downtown West. Play through the mission until you come to an office area with crates and boxes in it. There should be several screens in the room, and a panel in the back of the room. Approach the wall the panel is on, and you’ll get an option to open it, revealing an ID Keycard.

Now, make your way to the vault, then use the ID Keycard to open up a secret area with a Hyena Cache inside it. It’s not a guaranteed drop either, so don’t be too worried if it isn’t there the first time you do it.

Once you have all the parts, you can just head to Crafting Bench and make the Chatterbox Exotic SMG.