How Devil May Cry 5’s Bloody Palace Works


After a month of waiting, DMC 5’s Bloody Palace is finally here. While you’ve probably finished the campaign of DMC 5 by now, you’ve probably yet to clear all of the bonus challenges and difficult modes. For the demon hunters out there who are thirsty for even more content, Capcom has you covered! The Bloody Palace has made its graceful return and promises to push all demon hunters to their limits!

But what is The Bloody Palace? The Bloody Palace is a legacy mode of the DMC series and its essentially a wave-based horde mode. The game throws its entire roster of enemies at you as you attempt to survive the gauntlet. Naturally, you’re expected to style on your enemies as you would in the main campaign. However, the main twist in The Bloody Palace is that you have a set limit of time to complete each level. Don’t worry, yet, each kills nets you even more time on the clock. Every ten levels or so you’ll be expected to defeat one of the bosses of DMC so be prepared for a challenge! For skilled enough players who manage to make it to the end of the palace, a special award awaits.

The DMC 5 interaction of The Bloody Palace allows players to pick from any of the three main playable characters. All of your devil arms, orbs, and literally any progress that you’ve made will carry over to the mode. Each character has a unique palace designed around their playstyle, but the overall goal is the same; survive. New to DMC 5 is the ability to save your progress in the middle of your run. Dying will naturally force you to restart the palace, but in between rounds, you can actually hold your place. There’s also a warm-up option where you can jump to any level that you’ve already finished and practice some moves. Overall, The Bloody Palace remains precisely what fans would expect and want; which is a brutal challenge not made for the faint of heart.

I’d highly recommend finishing the main campaign twice and purchasing all upgrades before attempting The Bloody Palace. DMC 5 expects players to be fully equipped and ready for anything whenever they step foot into the palace. However, The Bloody Palace is also great for demon hunters who just wanna kill demons without any rhyme or reason. It’s also a great place to grind for orbs if you’re desperate for a new upgrade. Devil May Cry 5 is out now for the PS4, XBO, and PC.