How to Get the Kalina Ann in DMC 5

Two rocket launchers are always better than one! You may acquire the Kalina at the start of mission 18, but there’s also another Kalina that’s yours for the taking! The second missable Kalina is found in mission 11 when you’re playing as Dante.

  • Eventually, the level will bring you to a rundown building and you’ll hear Dante say, “I’m not a fan of ruins, I like my cities lively.”

  • Continue until you see a demolished checkered floor with a hole and two disgusting red plants underneath.

  • Destroy all of the planets until you trigger a cutscene in which you cause the building to lower.

  • Next, turn around and destroy one final red plant that will cause even more destruction to the building itself.

  • Afterward, you should see a cutscene that seemingly panes down from a room with a fancy painting.

  • Simply follow where the camera panned from and you’ll be able to jump up the makeshift stairs you just created.

  • Once you reach the top of the stairs where the painting is, there will be a window to the right with red orbs hanging from the top.

  • Jump through this window and continue along until you see an object marked “???”

  • This mysterious object is the beautiful Kalina Ann and it’s finally yours!

Devil May Cry 5 – Final Trailer | PS4

WARNING! STORY SPOILERS. The world as we know it is falling apart after a sudden demonic invasion, and it’s up to Nero, Dante and the mysterious V to team up and face the ultimate challenge. Devil May Cry 5, the latest, craziest and most stylish entry in the series, launches on PlayStation 4 on March 8th!

Once you have both equipped, you’ll be able to combine them for a devasting charged shot that profoundly increase your style ranking and dishes out a ton of damage. Use Dante’s Gunslinger style as well for other enhanced moves! Devil May Cry 5 is out now for PS4, PC, & XBO