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Do tools break in Sons of the Forest?

Let's hope you won't have to fix anything.

During your scary journey in Sons of the Forest, you will gather hundreds of tools and weapons to survive. However, knowing that in many survival games tools and weapons break if you use them too often, you might wonder if that is going to happen here too. You check the tools in your inventory and they all have three stats, but you have no idea what they mean. Does one of those stats represent durability? Well, in this quick guide, we will tell you if tools and weapons can break in Sons of the Forest.

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Will tools break if you use them too much in Sons of the Forest?

The three stats that the tools and weapons in Sons of the Forest show represent the speed, damage, and defense of those items. There is no stat for durability, which means that tools don’t break in Sons of the Forest if you use them too much. You can keep cutting trees left and right with no regard to the axe. Since there are weapons and tools you can’t craft, such as the shovel, it would be absurd if it could break.

Most tools are really hard to get and they are necessary to complete the mission. You could say that the game might actually be easier if you could craft tools since this would mean that you won’t have to run from one cave to another because you are missing something. However, other things can break in Sons of the Forest.

Your buildings from the makeshift shelter can be broken by the enemy mutants and cannibals. If you just stand inside your house while the hostels attack you, they will start damaging your walls. To fix them, you will just need to use the repair tool. You can craft this really useful tool by using a stick, a stone, and some rope.

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