Does Balan Wonderworld have a multiplayer mode?

Is online or local co-op supported?

Does Balan Wonderworld have a multiplayer mode?

Image via Square Enix

Balan Wonderworld seems like the type of game that would be fun to play with friends. The upcoming 3D action platformer from Balan Company and Square Enix has 12 worlds for you to explore, and completing them with mates in tow would be better than playing on your own.

However, that depends on whether Balan Wonderworld supports multiplayer functionality. The game’s reveal trailer, back in July, didn’t state if multiplayer would be an in-game feature. During September’s Nintendo Mini Direct: Partner Showcase, though, we received confirmation about potential multiplayer support. So, will Balan Wonderworld let you game together?

Yes, but only in one way. Balan Wonderworld has a multiplayer mode. However, this mode will only support local co-op between two players. This is further corroborated by the game’s Steam page listing, which reveals local or split-screen co-op functionality is the only option available.

The Nintendo Mini Direct trailer showed the game’s two-player co-op mode in action. Given that there are only two playable characters in Balan Wonderworld, it’s unsurprising to see co-op scaled back to this number.

There is the possibility that Square is holding back on an online co-op reveal until later this year. Right now, though, Balan Wonderworld will not support online multiplayer. If there is an update to possible online multiplayer support closer to launch, we will update this guide.