Does Baldur’s Gates 3 have crossplay?

Everyone’s invited to join the table.

Image via Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 will be available on PC when it launches across various platforms, notably Steam, The Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy, and Google Stadia. While the highly anticipated RPG won’t be making its way to consoles when it launches to early access, players have several options for where they want to play. Developer Larian Studios has already detailed that multiplayer will be accessible in the early access build for Baldur’s Gate 3. Do you and your friends have to be on the same PC platform to play together? Luckily, you don’t, so you can choose your favored platform to experience the game.

Each of the different platforms are capable of communicating with one another. It doesn’t matter what platform you use on your PC. All that matters that you and your friends have the same build. For example, if there’s a new update available for Baldur’s Gate 3, and your friend did not apply the update to their platform, the two of your games won’t be able to connect to each other, even if you could previously. Your friend needs to apply a quick update and then jump back into the game to have it work with you. It’s not too difficult to check, and if there’s ever a problem with multiplayer, that will likely be the solution.

When Baldur’s Gate 3 releases to its early access build, multiplayer may not always function and work quite as you’d imagine it would. Larian Studios promises there to be hiccups along the way, meaning it won’t always be seamless. So long as you and your friends ensure you’re all playing on the same Baldur’s Gate 3 build, you should be fine.