Does Call of Duty: Warzone have a ranked mode?

Sharpen your skills now, and prepare to rank up the leader boards later.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty is one of the series of choice for first-person shooter esports, so Activision will undoubtedly have big plans for the future of Call of Duty: Warzone within the competitive community. It allows a huge number of players to take part in one game, and it’s a series that is already streamed fairly regularly on Twitch and Mixer. Hence, the advent of Warzone is likely to be a popular attraction to the largest streamers.

However, 2019’s Modern Warfare currently does not include any ranked mode. The stats of every game are recorded and on display, and the matchmaking for the game attempts to put players together with a similar skill and experience level, as well as ping, but there is no formal way to track the ELO (or skill level) of all players.

Other battle royale games such as Apex Legends since their launch have introduced ranked modes that will match players together within the same skill level, meaning that there is a tangible way to track the best players.

However, with Warzone, as the game is currently fresh and new with developers Infinity Ward still working out the kinks of the game mode, it does not currently host a ranked option for players who want to play in a more serious environment. As the game progresses and matures, content is added, and the stability of servers and games improves, we can expect the game to see more options for players who want to get serious with the game. 

As has been a recent trend with battle royale games, streamers are also likely to be invited to tournaments to show the game competitively. Once this begins to happen more often, expect the ranked mode rumors to rumble.

For now, though, head into a game and hone your knowledge and skills in anticipation of a potential ranked option in the future.