Coral Island Guide: All Crops, Tool Upgrades & Best Farm Layout

Coral Island has some impressive farming mechanics, and with this guide you’ll manage to master them all.

Coral Island Farming TIps

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As much as I like to pretend Coral Island is a dating sim, the main objective in the game is to transform your overgrown land into a flourishing farm. To achieve this, you’ll need to make key decisions about which crops to cultivate.

There are many ways to make the most of your farm on Coral Island. You can sell crops, use them to complete quests, or gift them to NPCs. Your crops play a central role in your farming journey. Because there are so many farming games, grasping farming mechanics varies from one game to the next. In this guide, I’ll go over everything you need to know about farming in Coral Island.

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How to Upgrade Farming Tools in Coral Island

Upgrade Tools Coral Island
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Your farming journey begins with a set of starter tools. You can upgrade them over time at the blacksmith‘s shop for a bit of gold and a couple of ores. With better tools, tasks will consume less and less stamina. The essential tools for farming are:

  • Hoe: Used to till the soil.
  • Scythe: Ideal for clearing grass and harvesting specific crops.
  • Watering Can: Necessary for hydrating your crops. It can be refilled at the nearby pond.

The most exhausting task by far is watering. However, you can craft sprinklers to automate the watering process. Crafting a couple of scarecrows won’t hurt either, as they will keep crows at bay. I’m not kidding; they will literally eat your crops.

As soon as the weekend comes, swing by Ben’s Caravan north of your farm. He’ll set up shop on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 to 21:00. Here, you can purchase the Ordinary Scarecrow, which covers a far wider area (11×11) than the Makeshift Scarecrow you can craft (5×5), for 90 gold.

Seasonal Crop Guide in Coral Island

Best Crops for Each Season Coral Island
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Coral Island offers a wide array of crops, flowers, fruit plants, and fruit trees for you to grow on your farm. Each crop has a specific season in which it can grow and will wither at the end of its respective season.

To get crops, swing by Sam’s General Store, which is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00, except on Sundays, when it opens at 12:00. Keep in mind it’s closed all day on Wednesdays.

Here are the best seeds you should plant in the early game to maximize profit:

When to GrowBest Seeds for SpringBest Seeds for SummerBest Seeds for FallBest Seeds for Winter
Early GameTurnips for quick profit
Cauliflower seeds for regrowth comfort
Poppy seeds to get some flowers
Radishes for quick profit
Hot Peppers because they carry on to Fall
Wheat to process them in the Keg.

Hot Peppers should be processed in the Keg to get Chili.
Rice should be processed to get Sake, too.

Since there isn’t much to grow in winter, stick to the following:

Tea Leaves
Mid to Late GameSugar Cane

These two are expensive seeds but return high yields.
Coffee should also be processed in the Keg.
Papaya trees keep yielding fruit in the next season.
Blue Dahlia seeds will get you quick returns.
Beet seeds will grow quickly and yield high profits.
Snake Fruits carry over to Spring.
Avocados, mostly because they’re cute, but also because they regrow pretty quickly.

How to Unlock More Seeds in Coral Island

If Sam doesn’t seem to sell one of the seeds listed above, you might want to improve your Town Rank. More seed types are unlocked as you go from Town Rank F to E, D, and C. Below, you’ll find a list of all the seeds in Coral Island and the Town Rank needed to unlock them.

All Seeds in Coral Island

Coral Island Sam's Store
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All Spring Seeds in Coral Island

AppearanceSeed NameType & Size Seed costBase Sell PriceGrowth timeRegrowth time How to Unlock
Peony 1×1 Flower  20 424 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Daisy 1×1 Flower 15 404 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Turnip 1×1 Crop 15 404 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Potato 1×1 Crop 25 755 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Cauliflower 1×1 Crop 70 17510 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Carrot 1×1 Crop 35 787 days Doesn’t regrow. F Town Rank
Poppy 1×1 Flower 30 827 days Doesn’t regrow. E Town Rank
Banana 2×2 Tree 800 5010 days 3 days E Town Rank
Plum 2×2 Tree 1350 6810 days 3 days E Town Rank
Rambutan 2×2 Tree 1350 7310 days 3 days E Town Rank
Strawberry 1×1 Crop 145 10210 days 4 days E Town Rank
Radish 1×1 Crop 60 1196 days Doesn’t regrow. E Town Rank
Peas 1×1 Crop 45 5911 days 4 days D Town Rank
Sugarcane 1×1 Crop 50 235 days 1 day D Town Rank
Cucumber 1×1 Crop 25 419 days 3 days D Town Rank
Lettuce 1×1 Crop 20 475 days Doesn’t regrow. D Town Rank
Soybean 1×1 Crop 20 197 days 4 days C Town Rank
Snowdrop 1×1 Crop 45 12512 days Doesn’t regrow. C Town Rank
Durian 1×1 Tree 4500 15525 days 1 day C Town Rank
Orange 1×1 Tree 4000 13625 days 1 day C Town Rank
Lychee 2×2 Tree 1500 7910 days 3 days C Town Rank
Avocado 2×2 Tree 1000 5910 days 3 days C Town Rank
Snake fruit 2×2 Tree 1200 6710 days 3 days C Town Rank

All Summer Seeds in Coral Island

AppearanceSeed NameType & SizeSeed CostBase Selling PriceGrowth TimeRegrowth Time How to Unlock
Blueberry 1×1 Crop 50 41 10 days 4 days F Town Rank
Hot pepper 1×1 Crop 40 36 7 days 3 days F Town Rank
Corn 1×1 Crop 25 24 12 days 4 days F Town Rank
Wheat 1×1 Crop 15 33 5 days Doesn’t Regrow.F Town Rank
Gardenia 1×1 Flower 20 45 5 days Doesn’t Regrow.F Town Rank
Sunflower 1×1 Flower 20 70 8 days Doesn’t Regrow.F Town Rank
Banana 2×2 Tree 800 5010 days 3 days E Town Rank
Plum 2×2 Tree 1,350 68 10 days 3 days E Town Rank
Rambutan 2×2 Tree 1350 73 10 days 3 days E Town Rank
Radish 1×1 Crop 60 119 6 days Doesn’t Regrow.E Town Rank
Melon 1×1 Crop 130 233 12 days Doesn’t Regrow.E Town Rank
Tomato 1×1 Crop 25 34 10 days 4 days E Town Rank
Bell pepper 1×1 Crop 70 47 8 days 4 days E Town Rank
Okra 1×1 Crop 60 59 9 days 6 days E Town Rank
Starfruit 1×1 Crop 60 108 13 days Doesn’t Regrow.E Town Rank
Jackfruit 2×2 Tree 1500 74 10 days 3 days E Town Rank
Dragonfruit 2×2 Tree 1350 68 10 days 3 days E Town Rank
Red cabbage 1×1 Crop 45 106 9 days Doesn’t Regrow.D Town Rank
Pineapple 1×1 Crop 110 201 9 days Doesn’t Regrow.D Town Rank
Blackberry 1×1 Crop 40 41 11 days 4 days D Town Rank
Coffee bean 1×1 Crop 70 25 11 days 2 days D Town Rank
Rose 1×1 Flower 20 51 6 days Doesn’t Regrow.D Town Rank
Lily 1×1 Flower 60 149 9 days Doesn’t Regrow.D Town Rank
Iris 1×1 Flower 30 102 10 days Doesn’t Regrow.D Town Rank
Mango 1×1 Crop 4000 136 25 days 1 day D Town Rank
Papaya 2×2 Tree 1350 6810 days 3 days E Town Rank
Peach 1×1 Crop 4500 153 25 days 1 day C Town Rank

All Fall Seeds in Coral Island

AppearanceSeed NameType & SizeSeed CostBase Selling PriceGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeHow to Unlock
Hot pepper1×1 Crop40367 days3 daysF Town Rank
Rice1×1 Crop15469 daysDoesn’t regrow.F Town Rank
Cranberry1×1 Crop20185 days2 daysF Town Rank
Sweet potato1×1 Crop60309 days4 daysF Town Rank
Orchid1×1 Flower751308 daysDoesn’t regrow.F Town Rank
Jackfruit2×2 Tree15007410 days3 daysE Town Rank
Dragonfruit2×2 Tree13506810 days3 daysE Town Rank
Papaya2×2 Tree13506810 days3 daysE Town Rank
Basil1×1 Crop20395 daysDoesn’t regrow.E Town Rank
Amaranth1×1 Flower25248 days5 daysE Town Rank
Beet1×1 Crop20526 daysDoesn’t regrow.E Town Rank
Eggplant1×1 Crop35369 days3 daysE Town Rank
Pumpkin1×1 Crop9011613 days7 daysE Town Rank
Cocoa bean2×2 Tree15008510 days3 daysE Town Rank
Pear2×2 Tree13506810 days3 daysE Town Rank
Lily1×1 Flower601499 daysDoesn’t regrow.D Town Rank
Barley1×1 Crop1001188 daysDoesn’t regrow.D Town Rank
Artichoke1×1 Crop45298 days4 daysD Town Rank
Grape1×1 Crop150739 days6 daysD Town Rank
Bok choy1×1 Crop601268 daysDoesn’t regrow.D Town Rank
Taro root1×1 Crop35245 days2 daysD Town Rank
Blue dahlia1×1 Flower50804 daysDoesn’t regrow.D Town Rank
Olive1×1 Crop400011325 days1 daysD Town Rank
Watermelon1×1 Crop5010511 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
Apple1×1 Crop400013625 days1 daysC Town Rank
Lemon2×2 Tree12006110 days3 daysC Town Rank
Garlic1×1 Crop301109 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
Cotton1×1 Crop501059 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
Fairy rose1×1 Flower1351718 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
Cactus 30040013 daysDoesn’t regrow.B Town Rank

All Winter Seeds in Coral Island

AppearanceSeed NameType & SizeSeed CostBase Selling PriceGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeHow to Unlock
AvocadoFruit10005910 days3 daysC Town Rank
Tea leafVegetable256811 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
SnowdropFlower4512512 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
AlmondFruit425014425 days1 dayC Town Rank
CottonResource501059 daysDoesn’t regrow.C Town Rank
Cocoa beanGrain15008510 days3 daysE Town Rank
PearFruit13506810 days3 daysE Town Rank
LemonFruit12006110 days3 daysC Town Rank
Snake fruitFruit12006710 days3 daysC Town Rank
LycheeFruit15007910 days3 daysD Town Rank

Best Farm Layout in Coral Island

Coral Island Farm Pattern
Image by Gamepur

The picture above outlines the best farm layout for Coral Island. In my experience, it’s what makes the most of the Ordinary Scarecrow and the Sprinklers II. To get the best farm outline in Coral Island, follow these steps:

  1. Till the soil in a 5×5 pattern and leave an empty space at the center to place Sprinkler II.
  2. Repeat this process six times, as shown in the farm outlined above.
  3. Add a scarecrow in the center of the layout.

If you’re already in the late game, consider repeating the entire process twice for double the profit. Remember, this doesn’t cost any stamina; the sprinklers will do all the job for you. You’ll have to scythe the crops when they’re ready to be harvested.

How to Upgrade Seeds & Automate the Farming Process in Coral Island?

Coral Island Lab
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To make sure you get higher-quality produce, seeds can be upgraded at the Lab, which opens from 08:00 to 17:00 from Sunday to Friday. Remember, it’s always closed on Saturday.

I overlooked the seed upgrades feature for quite a long time, but it’s quite the gamer changer. Process some Kelp with the Extractor, pick up the Kelp Essence, and head to the lab to upgrade seeds, plants, trees, and even hay if you’re the rancher kind.

There’s also an option at the bottom of the list to Develop Equipment like Auto Fertilizers, Auto Harvesters, or even an all-in-one device that does both. These can be attached to sprinklers and do the whole farming process for you.

Is Fertilizer Worth it in Coral Island?

Fertilizer increases the quality of crops in Coral Island. Better quality crops sell for a higher price, so this is something we want. However, they can be a bit expensive in the early game. Instead of buying fertilizers at Sam’s, craft them with 20x Wood, 5x Trash, and 5x Sap. These are all materials you can gather while cleaning your farm plot.

How to Unlock the Greenhouse in Coral Island

How to unlock the greenhouse in Coral Island
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To unlock the Greenhouse, complete the First Goddess Shrine in the Lake Temple. This includes the Essential Resources, Ocean Scavangeables, and all Seasonal Sesajen bundles. Once everything is restored, access to the greenhouse next to the farm will be restored.

Some crops have the unique ability to grow across multiple seasons. Once you unlock the greenhouse for your farm, you can plant crops year-round, offering you greater flexibility in your farming strategy.