Does Dead by Daylight have bots? Answered

They can’t be killed.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight will challenge players on either of the game. If you are a Survivor, you need to work with your teammates to ensure you can escape the match alive. On the Killer side, can you hunt down all Survivors in time? Either side can feel like a high-pressure situation. Can you play the game with bots if you want to get some practice in?

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Does Dead By Daylight have bots?

As of this writing, there is no way to play a standard match of Dead By Daylight against bots. If you want to get a game going, you either need to matchmake against random players or set up a Custom Match against friends. That being said, there are plans for the game to get bot support in Custom Matches in the future.

When bots make their way into Dead By Daylight, it will allow you to play no-pressure games against AI opponents using whatever Killer or Survivor you own, and their full arsenal will be unlocked for you to practice with. There will be no way to earn Bloodpoints or Irridescent Shards like this, so this is merely for practice or fun with friends.

While we have had no experience with the Dead By Daylight bots yet, we do wonder how smart they will be. If they are not, you can have super easy matches that are essentially a waste of time. Given the large area for the characters to run in, Behaviour Interactive will need to put a lot of time into making sure they behave properly.