Does Destiny 2 have cross-progression?

Cross-save really is a lifesaver…wink wink

Image via Bungie

With the launch of Lightfall, Destiny 2 is bringing a lot of hype in for its fans. They all want to play with their friends regardless of where they own the game, so many are wondering if Destiny 2 supports cross-progression. In this guide, we will answer that question and go over any other details you need to know in order to get cross-progression up and running in Destiny 2.

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Can you use cross-progression in Destiny 2?

Yes, Destiny 2 does support full cross-progression and the account system makes it very easy for you to accomplish this. Once you’ve created a account, you can easily log in and go to profile/settings and from there you can link all of your accounts, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox.

The way these works is, it allows you to use your Destiny 2 active player account wherever you choose to play the game. However, it doesn’t allow you to extend the cross-progression system over digital licenses. You will have to re-buy the content you want to play on all the platforms you choose to play on, at least, outside of the season passes. Destiny 2 expansions like Forsaken and Shadowkeep won’t be able to be transferred between platforms with the cross-save feature. However, Destiny 2 Season Passes are able to move between platforms on the characters they were redeemed on.

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Destiny 2 also supports cross-play, but with limitations. You can join non-competitive activities and game modes, like Strikes and social spaces. Competitive play is divided between console players (PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia) and PC players. If you join a fireteam with a PC player, it will be matchmade into a PC player pool. If you want to play with your friends, you will need to be on the same type of platform.