Does Diablo Immortal have auto fight?

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While mobile phone games are a contentious topic for some people, there is no denying that millions of people participate in them every day. Although the phone screen control experience is not for everyone, the ease of access for others is a big selling point. One common worry for players before Diablo Immortals release was how much you could play without inputting any commands. If there was a way for players to auto fight, it could take away from the experience. So, is there auto fighting in Diablo Immortal?

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Can you automatically fight in Diablo Immortal?

While you can set yourself to automatically navigate through sections of Diablo Immortal, there is no auto fighting option, at least as of this time of writing. As you autorun, your character is susceptible to being attacked by enemies in the world as they will continue to move forward. This makes it so auto navigate can get you to where you need to go while you look elsewhere, but you should keep an eye on what is happening just in case.

People were worried about the status of an auto fight feature in Diablo Immortal because plenty of combat games on phone have functions that let you essentially press a button, and the game plays itself. Not only does that call into question why you should play, but it also would affect PvP and PvE content. Having a bot beside you is never the same experience as a person, so it would be different. Fortunately, players do not need to worry about that here.