Does Doom: Eternal have a new game plus mode?

Can you challenge yourself even more?

Image via Bethesda

After you beat a campaign, do you have the chance to do something new in the game? Is there a new challenge left for you to try and conquer? You might have this question with Doom: Eternal.

When you beat Doom: Eternal, you can roam around, try and finish any of the finishes you’ve already gone through to locate any of the secrets you may have missed. Many of the missions have several scattered all over them, so you may have missed a handful of them. You can finish the mission select screen on the bridge of the Fortress of Doom, on the right side.

For those looking for a new game plus mode, there is not one available. However, Doom: Eternal does feature different difficulty settings. If you want a more intense challenge, then you should turn up the difficulty from where you originally had it and try to go through all of the missions from start to finish. When you beat it this way once, you can start a brand new save file to try to do it from the start. 

The reason you may want to do that is that if you go through the missions after having already completed them, you are bringing everything with you. Traditionally, you would steadily unlock the weapons, the abilities, the different runes, and the several gear pieces you acquire throughout your time playing the game. Starting over from the beginning at a harder difficulty forces you to use everything and not start with something overpowered, such as the BFG-900.

Doom: Eternal also features master level missions, which are revamped and reorganized versions of the traditional campaign missions. More master missions are on the way in the future, so expect more throughout the game’s lifetime.