Does Doom: Eternal have multiplayer?

Can you jump online and blast at other players, or play against friends?

Image via Bethesda

Doom: Eternal features an extensive campaign you can repeat over and over again at varying difficulties, repeating missions to your heart’s content, seeking out all of the secrets hidden in the game placed there by the developers. It’s a fun adventure for anyone who enjoys a shooter. But like any good shooter, does the game have a multiplayer experience you can play against your friends?

Yes, it does. Doom: Eternal will have a multiplayer mode where players face against each other in extensive, quick battles using the weapons and gear they used in the campaign. You can expect to play against others in the online battlemode. Doom: Eternal does not feature the classic deathmatch mode, though. Developer id Software believes it to be an eons-old mechanic and not something they wanted to approach this time around. Previously, id Software did not handle 2016’s Doom online mode. It was given to another company, and it handled the online element, making it a completely separate experience from the single-player campaign.

The battlemode will shake things up. In it, it’s two players who choose different demons, taking on a single player who plays as the Doom Guy. Footage of this battlemode was at E3 2019, during Bethesda’s show. Additionally, Doom: Eternal features limited-time series where players earn experience by playing the game’s campaign, battlemode, and by completing challenges for each of those modes to earn points to unlock cosmetics and new skins. The limited-time series provide players with additional reasons to log in and play through the game, even if it’s running through the campaign over and over again.

New cosmetics and challenges should be coming to Doom: Eternal every few months to provide you with additional incentives to play the game. Bethesda and id Software have given no insight to if they plan to add new multiplayer modes or have special in-game events available for players over the course of Doom: Eternal‘s lifetime.