Does Elden Ring have New Game Plus? Answered

Take it to the next level.

Image via FromSoftware

New Game Plus cycles are a long-standing stable of FromSoftware games, upping the difficulty and reward for players following their first completion of the main story. They also allow players to complete additional endings and redo certain quests with all the equipment and experience they gained in their first time through the game.

Elden Ring continues this storied tradition and offers New Game Plus following the defeat of the final boss. There’s no imperative to enter the next cycle immediately, and the game gives the option to continue exploring on your current playthrough. Players need only return to the Roundtable Hold and visit the Table of Lost Grace to progress into the next New Game.

Anyone who goes into New Game Plus should be prepared for a much-increased challenge, with enemy health and damage increased several-fold. Rune rewards are also greater, as even the weakest enemies will grant far more runes than previously, making leveling up, even at higher levels, a much more promising prospect.